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Dalite UTB Contour 16:9 Ultra Thin Projector Screen

Dalite UTB Contour 16:9 Ultra Thin Projector Screen

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Dalite UTB Contour 16:9 Ultra Thin Projector Screen
Item Code: UTB169
Sale Price: $849.99

Diagonal Size & Screen Material 
Choose Frame Finish 

The UTB Contour features an ultra thin, nearly unnoticeable frame and the latest in projection surface technology to maximize the fidelity of your projector. Each Da-Lite screen is treated with a proprietary, environmentally friendly chemical formula to bring out the clearest, best image your projector has to offer.

    UTB Contour Features
  • Smallest edge of any fixed screen on the market.
  • Low Profile flat panel design rests a mere inch from the wall.
  • Features Progressive HD surfaces designed with 1080p, 4k and Ultra HD in mind.
  • More than double the size of the largest flat panel TVs on the market.
  • Available in three stylish frame finishes.

Diagonal SizeImage Size
77''37.5” x 67”
82''40.5” x 72”
92''45” x 80”
100''49” x 87”
106''52” x 92”
110''54” x 96”
119''58” x 104”
133''65” x 116”
159''78” x 139”
193''94.5” x 168”
220''108” x 192”

Dalite screens come equipped with one of a wide selection of designer screen materials. Treated with environmentally friendly solution, Dalite screen materials are top of the line quality and provide a crisp, clear projector image under a wide range of conditions. From front projection, to outdoor, to micro-perf sound transparency, there is a Dalite screen material for all situations.

Screen MaterialBenefit
HD Progressive 0.6 Formulated with an extremely wide viewing angle and excellent white field uniformity, the HD Progressive 0.6 screen fabric is ideal for applications where projector brightness and screen size require low gain. The light grey surface offers true color reproduction and excellent depth of modulation. Endorsed by Joe Kane Productions, HD Progressive 0.6 was formulated specifically for ultra high definition projection devices. Gain: 0.6 Viewing Angle: 85°
HD Progressive 0.9 HD Progressive 1.1 is ideal for applications that require a small increase in gain due to screen size and projector brightness. This white surface produces true color and white field uniformity while offering excellent depth of modulation. With a generous half angle of 85°, HD Progressive 1.1 is an excellent choice for large audiences. Endorsed by Joe Kane Productions, HD Progressive 1.1 was formulated for high resolution projectors. Gain: 1.1 Viewing Angle: 85°
HD Progressive 1.1 This screen surface is specially designed with a reflective coating, which provides an increased amount of brightness with a moderately reduced viewing angle. The increased gain of this surface makes it suitable for environments where ambient lighting is uncontrollable and a projector with moderate light output is utilized. Gain: 1.5 Viewing Angle: 85°
Da-Mat® Da-Mat® features a smooth, white surface for precise image reproduction and provides an exceptionally wide angle of view with little loss of resolution. It is a highly flexible fabric. Da-Mat® is a great choice for situations with controlled ambient light and where a wide viewing angle is necessary. Available with or without black backing depending on screen model. Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Flame retardant and mildew resistant. Gain: 1.0 Viewing Angle: 60°
High Contrast Cinema Vision Designed for today’s moderate output DLP and LCD projectors, this screen surface is a great choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient lighting is moderately controlled. With its specially designed gray base surface and a reflective top surface, this screen material is able to provide very good black levels without sacrificing the white level output. Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Flame retardant and mildew resistant. Gain: 1.1 Viewing Angle: 50°

Recommended Accessories
Contour Frame FinishesContour Frame Finishes

Recommended Accessories

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