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Free 2 Year Warranty

All new pinball machines, upright video games and many other selected other games, which are used strictly in a non-commercial setting, now come with our exclusive Free Two (2) Year or Three (3) Electronics Limited Warranty which covers all Electronic Circuit Boards in your game from circuit failure for a period of Two (2) or Three (3) Years from date of game delivery.

This free extended warranty covers up to $2700.00 in electronic parts for warranty repair if they fail, but does not cover repair costs for damage caused by electrical or lightning damage, outdoor use, weather damage, game abuse, negligence, misuse, repairs made by parties other than us, or our authorized agents, in-home service calls, shipping charges, repairs to standalone personal computers, CD Players or any replacement parts other than covered on your game's internal circuit (IC) boards controlling the game display, logic, sound amplification and power controls circuits.

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