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Home Theater Projectors Top Sellers Plus Al's Picks by Budget

Date: April 9, 2014
What should I buy? By Matt Editor You are in the market for a home theater projector. The first in foremost thing should be to start with a budget in mind. How much can I afford? On this page we will outline our top sellers and we will talk about Al's picks. Who's Al? Al has is the President and founder of He got his first projector for home theater in 1996 it was a vintage Barco CRT. The technology has come along way since then but the features you look for are similar. There are three resolutions out there now. There is 720p, 1080p and 4k ultra HD or UHD. We believe that buying a 720p projector is like buying yesterday's technology. Our top sellers are all 1080p and 4k projectors. We now feature 4k projectors by JVC and Sony. The newest type of technology is the new LED projectors that last 20,000 hours with introduction of Optoma HD91. The three key features in the 2014 market. 1: Is it 4k? 2: What's the contrast? (contrast is black levels) 3: What's the lumens? (brightness) The Top Sellers are Below: 1: Ben Q W7500 Projector 2: JVC Home Theater Projector DLA-RS46U 3: JVC DLA-4910 Entry Level 4k Projector 4: Optoma HD 91 New LED Projector 5: JVC RS57u 3d projector 6: JVC 6710 flagship PJ 5 years warranty If your looking for the best 4k projectors out there. In addition to the JVC Projectors we also feature the Sony home theater projectors. We have Sony VPL-VW600es which lists at 14999. We believe this is the best 4k projector under 20k. The sony can also be bundled with 4k source material media box. You can buy the media controller and vw600es for $15999 bundled. Call for better pricing. I talked to Al about these projectors and he has the following three picks based on budget. For a budget under $1500, Al picks the Epson 8350 projector which is a 1080p projector that's bright with great contrast for $1299. Only drawback it's not 3d enabled and the model is dated a few years but sell well in this budget. For a budget under $3000, Al picks the Ben Q for 3d and the JVC RS46u (street price $2999, call for price). For a budget under $5000, Al has a toss up. If you want a really bright projector go with the Optoma 30b. If you have total control of light and you watch mostly movies he said go for the JVC DLA RS4910 which is 4k resolution. The JVC projectors now have a feature you can do 2:35 to 1 out of the box with lens presets you don't need an extra lens to do 2:35 to 1. Ok, if you have no budget you should look at the other two JVC's the RS57 and RS6710. Starting at the RS56 you get 4k resolution something you can't get in sub 3k projectors. If you have no budget at all. You might consider the RS57 better than the 46 but not quite the premium price tag as the 6710. If you want the best toy go with the RS6710 or the Sony VPL-VW600es you'll have bragging rights. He said you really can't go wrong with any of the top ones but this is how he would pick his projector and believe me he knows projectors.