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Home Theater System 1400 Atlantic Technology Speakers

Home Theater System 1400 Atlantic Technology Speakers

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Home Theater System 1400 Atlantic Technology Speakers
Item Code: SYSTEM1400
Sale Price: $1,849.99


The ideal speaker system for smaller home theaters. The System 1400 utilizes sophisticated mid-woofers and Atlantic's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter™ to produce exciting, articulate, realistic sound, very much in the tradition of our award-winning $10,000 System 8200e.

The 1400 SR-z surround speakers are not only great compact surrounds, they're also the first speakers developed by anyone to be used with the new Dolby PL-IIz Height algorithm. Their small size and shallow mounting depth makes them the perfect speakers to mount in height applications.

All the components of the System 1400 deliver sound that's totally unexpected for this size product, with unprecedented mounting and placement flexibility.

System Includes:

(2) 1400LR-S-BLK / GLB SINGLE Front Channel Speakers
Satin or Gloss Black ($250 each)
1400C-BLK / GLB Center Channel Speaker
Satin or Gloss Black
$325 each
1400SRZ-BLK Surround Speakers $450 pair
224SB-BLK Powered Box Subwoofer 10" 180 Watt $575 each

Total Package Price

Available Accessories:

INCAB KIT Custom Cabinet Damping Kit - All Box Speakers $160 each

Feature List
  • 2-way left-right speakers are stand, shelf, or wall-mountable
  • Center channel speaker has acoustic optimization controls
  • Suggested subwoofer 180-watt 10" 224 SB
  • Satin Black or Gloss Black finish (1400 SRz, 224 SB Satin Black only)

Recommended Accessories

Recommended Accessories
Custom Cabinet Damping Kit

The InCabinet Kit is intended to reduce the reflection of mid and high frequency sounds and reduce the transmission of vibration to the shelf when the speaker's placed in a cabinet.

The kit contains the following pieces:
  • (2) 1-inch thick 24-inch by 54-inch sheets of open cell acoustical damping foam with a specially applied black film layer designed to enhance mid frequency absorption.
  • (12) Self-adhesive steel mounting pads with posts attached to them. These are used to hold the 1-inch acoustic foam to the internal walls of the cabinet.
  • (12) Steel retaining caps that push onto the above posts to keep the foam from sliding off the posts
  • (4) 1.5-inch round ultra-dense foam/rubber isolation pads intended to be placed underneath the loudspeaker in order to reduce transmission of vibration to the cabinet.
Atlantic Technology 1400LR Front Channel Speaker
The Model 1400 LR Front Channel Speaker is a high-performance 2-way system intended for use with a quality subwoofer, such as the Atlantic Technology model 224 SB box-type subwoofer. Each speaker contains an advanced GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) 4.5" (115mm) woofer and Atlantic's exclusive 1" (2... ( More )

Price: $249.99
More Info
Atlantic Technology 1400C Center Channel Speaker
The perfect center channel companion for the 1400 system, this speaker employs a closely-grouped M-T-M driver array for optimum coverage of the listening area. In addition, as with all of our center channel speakers, the 1400 C comes with a unique tilting base so the speaker is always precisely aimed... ( More )

Price: $324.99
More Info
Atlantic Technology 224SB Subwoofer 10" 180W
Type/Features: Powered sub, sealed enclosure; High current amplifier Bass Driver: 10" long-throw Output Power: 180W RMS Distortion (amplifier): Frequency Response: 34Hz - 250Hz ±3 dB Low Level (line): 10k Ohms Peak Output: 102dB SPL into 1500 ft³ Dimensions (WxHxD): 14-1/4 x 13-1/4 x... ( More )

Price: $599.99
Add to CartMore Info
Atlantic Technology 1400SRZ Surround Speakers (Pair)
A single pair of 1400 SR's or 2400 SR's can replicate the sound of the large array of surround speakers found in the best commercial movie theaters. Set for "Dipole," they create a diffuse soundfield that is virtually impossible to pinpoint by ear, enveloping the listening room in realistic three-di... ( More )

Price: $449.99
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