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Home  >  Trica Bar Stools - Metal, Wood, Leather, and Fabric Swatches

Trica Bar Stools - Metal, Wood, Leather, and Fabric Swatches

Choose Trica Bar Stool Fabric and Leather Swatches here than go back and choose the Trica stool you like and select the colors and finishes in the drop down menu.

Trica Bar Stool Metal Finishes








Glossy White

Golden Brown








Starry Night



Trica Bar Stool Wood Finishes





Trica Bar Stool Leather Swatches

Barolo Ash

Barolo Cashmere

Barolo Cherry


Santiago Godiva

Santiago Ivory

Santiago Slate

Santiago Thunder


Trica Bar Stool Fabric Samples

Agaibo Greyhound

Bergamo White

Bronson Mulberry

Century 3

Century 6

Century 60

Century 620

Cobra 46

Cobra 620

Crocodile Black

Crocodile Brown

Dakota 20

Dakota 21

Dakota 40

Dakota 60

Dakota 66

Dakota 89

Dakota 100

Dakota 210

Dakota 304

Dream Pewter

Emile Pewter

Ferri 6

Font Tussah

Glam Sheen Dove

Glam Sheen Pearl

Hutch Onyx


Jaywick Autumn

Jilt Graphite

Joliet Ebony

Kaku 61

Kaku 160

Kemp Sand

Kemp Tiki

Kimchee Noir

Linoso Aubergine

Linoso Black

Linoso Cafe

Linoso Charcoal

Linoso Cognac

Linoso Denim

Linoso Espresso

Linoso Fire

Linoso Ice

Linoso Red

Linoso Slate

Linoso Stone

Linoso Thyme

Linoso White

Mango 6

Mango 82

Mango 100

Mango 206

Monaco Ice Blue

Nabisco Black

Nature 6

New Retro 710

Nexus 21

Nexus 59

Nexus 61

Nexus 206

Nubia 10

Nubia 20

Nubia 40

Nubia 59

Nubia 61

Pure Snow

Ranger Cocoa

Reaction Gecko

Rena Noir

Sarteano Cardinal

Sarteano Newsprint

Sculpture Smoke

Sin City Platinum

Skin 16

Skin 18

Skin 25

Skin 40

Skin 67

Sonny Limousine

Sonny Natural

Sonny Obsidian

Spaceship Charcoal

Spaceship Mocha

Stratosphere Flint

Supernatural Chocolate

Tanner Linen

Tess Bark

Tess Blackberry

Tess Carbon

Tess Java

Thicket Silhouette

Tight Rope Wolf

Tumble Weed Black

Tumble Weed Forrest

Tumble Weed Saddle

Tweedy Dove

Tweedy Natural Black

Twist Earl Grey

Twist Vanilla

Veluto 8

Vendue Green

Venice 10

Venice 61

Viva Buckwheat

Viva Chocolate

Voltige 63

Voltige 684
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