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Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 7-Channel Soundbar

Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 7-Channel Soundbar

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Atlantic Technology FS-7.0 7-Channel Soundbar
Item Code: FS70-GLB
Sale Price: $799.99



The FS-7.0 is the world's first 3-, 5-, or 7-channel soundbar. It's innovative design uses all drivers--including the side-mounted surrounds--whether you connect 3, 5 or 7 channels. Here's how: the side-mounted surrounds are patent-pending triple voice-coil drivers. One voice coil handles the side surround ("5.1") information, a second voice coil handles the back surround ("7.1") information. The third voice coil is wired in series with the corresponding front Left or Right channel and it plays that front channel information. Since this side-mounted surround driver is angled back to fire off the side wall, it imparts an extra sense of spaciousness, without resorting to electronic gimmickry. The result is an immersive, enveloping sound field that does not restrict the listener to one "special" seat, the way conventional soundbars do.

A Full Theater of Sound in only 40 Inches!

Real surround sound without all the boxes--The FS-7.0 Sound Bar loudspeaker is a high-performance unit containing all seven home theater channels in a single elegant, slim enclosure.

The speaker uses several advanced technologies to deliver convincing 7-channel surround sound. The two 4 x 6-inch speakers on the front baffle are unique: each is a dual voice-coil driver that handles the left (or right) front channel and "half" of the center channel. This preserves the tightly focused imaging of a top-quality theater system and also minimizes cabinet space.

The side-firing surround drivers are even more innovative. They are triple voice-coil drivers (patent-pending), handling both the 5.1 and 7.1 surround channels, and a portion of the corresponding Left or Right front channel, for added spaciousness. This, coupled with their precisely-calculated firing angle and our understanding of psycho-acoustic effects, allows the FS-7.0 to create impressive three-dimensional sound from a movie soundtrack--without the need or expense of on-board electronic gimmickry.

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