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Home Theater Showroom

Home Theater Marketplace showroom

MarketWare Technologies, Inc.
5215 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: 773-728-8140
Appointment only

Our showroom location features 1500 square feet including theater lobby and home theater demo room. We offer over 6000 items on our web site and we can help you build a home theater. Just give us a call. We specialize in high quality home theater accessories like home theater seating and room treatments to help your theater become more like the local multiplex.

Home Theater Equipment:

Optoma 30B(available showroom location)

Stewart HDTV 105" diag Visionary Electric Recessed Screen with Studiotek 130

Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall Firehawk HDTV 45" x 80"

Sunfire Theater Grand Processor III Pre amp

Cinema Grand Signature Series II

Audioquest cable

Atlantic Technology System 8200

JVC HDTV Video Recorder HMDH30000

Monster Power conditioner MP-HTS3500



Palliser Media Cimema Seating with Power Recline and Lighted cupholders

Palliser Lemans Theater Seating

Row One Plaza with Arm storage

Celebrity Lounger (Jaymar 262)

Contour Rocker

Regal Rocker

Home Theater Curtains



Halo Light Marquee with black frame blue halo

Loc Frame

Utra Classic thin series with black frame and silver stripe

Posterlite Marquee in satin gold

Cinema Signage two line with chase lites satin gold frame
Reel Table

Quick Snap Frames black

Home Theater Carpet Samples
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