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Fatrak Wide Swivel Audio Video Stand

Fatrak Wide Swivel Audio Video Stand

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Fatrak Wide Swivel Audio Video Stand
Item Code: FT
Sale Price: $1,435.99

Optional Accessories:
Hot Link Pro Infrared EyeHot Link Pro Infrared Eye$99.99

See the FATrak in Action!

Double Wide
Fatrak offers the solution to having lots of gear and limited vertical clearance. A 36" Fatrak holds the same amount of gear as our 72" Avtrak and fits beautifully under any large flat panel TV. The Fatrak easily pulls out, rotates 360° and provides better functionality for your entertainment room.

Installs in Minutes
With clear and concise installation instructions included with Fatrak installation is quick and simple! Now it's time to concentrate on the heart of your home theater: The AV components!

Infinitely Adjustable Shelves
Our shelves mount to the rack via 4 channels in the side panels and lock securely in place using steel bolts and cross dowels. Shelves can be moved, removed or added precisely and easily. Standard shelves are a full 3/4" thick by our standard but can be upgraded with optional heavy duty parts.

Standard or Custom Heights
Available in standard sizes ranging from 24" to a 48" and along with our custom height option, Fatrak truly is versatile.

Castorbase Option Available on Some Units

Made in Canada
North American manufacturing allows for true quality control, fast around time and very quick solutions if ever a problem does occur.

ModelMinimum Rough Opening
Height x Width x Depth
Maximum Component ClearanceShelvesWeight
FT2424" x 37" x 18.75"15.875" x 35.5"3 250 lb
FT3030" x 37" x 18.75"20.625" x 35.5"4350 lb
FT3636" x 37" x 18.75"25" x 35.5" 5 350 lb
FT42 42" x 37" x 18.75" 28.75" x 35.5" 6 450 lb
FT48 48" x 37" x 18.75" 32.5" x 35.5" 7 450 lb
with Castorbase
36" x 36.75" x 18" 25" x 35.5" 5 400 lb
with Castorbase
42" x 36.75" x 18" 28.75" x 35.5" 6 400 lb
with Castorbase
48" x 36.75" x 18" 32.5" x 35.5" 7 400 lb
  • Model numbers correspond to the required enclosure height. Shelf count includes one bottom non-adjustable shelf.
  • The "Maximum Component Clearance" (MCC) it the total height of all the components to be installed in the unit. Half inch airspace allowed for each shelf.
  • Fatrak 36" and shorter do not require a top rack.

Recommended Accessories
Fatrack EnclosedFatrack Enclosed

Recommended Accessories
ARCH Custom Height Option for AVrak or Fatrak

In addition to our standard height models, all racks in the Avrak/Fatrak line-up can also custom manufactured to any specific height your installation may require. Please allow 1 extra day for processing your order with this option.

For total pricing select the next largest size in height of our standard heights then add the price for the custom height option.
Item #: CH
3/4" thick Shelf for Avrak or Fatrak

The Avrak and Fatrak kits allow you to expand your solution to any size. The weight rating of our 3/4" thick shelves is 50lbs. Adding an extra shelf to you rack is quick and easy!
Item #: ES
Heavy Duty 1" thick Shelf for AVrak or Fatrak

Avrak's heavy duty shelving for really heavy components. Our HD shelf is one inch thick and has a weight rating of 100 lbs.
Item #: ES-HD
18 inch deep Shelf for AVrak or Fatrak

This deep shelf option increases the depth of our shelves from 16 inches to 18 inches with the extra 2 inches projecting out the back.

Measuring the Deep Shelf diagonally, you will see that this option will require a larger finished enclosure for the AVrak but has no extra enclosure requirements for the Avtrak or Fatrak.
Item #: EDX-18
Pull-Out Turntable Shelf for AVrak or Fatrak

Our pull out shelf is 17.5"W x 16"D x 2.5"H. The shelf pulls out 17 inches on metal slides and has a weight rating of 50lbs. Perfect for a turn table, keyboard, or anything else you could need within easy and convenient reach. Expand the value of your Avrak solution and take advantage of your vinyl library.

*When ordering the shelf for the Fatrak please specify a left or right side mount.
Item #: TT
Heavy Duty 1" Thick Shelf Vents for AVrak or Fatrak

For AVrak or Fatrak. Available as 1 inch thick heavy duty vented shelf or 1 inch thick heavy duty vented 18 inch deep shelf. Vented shelf option helps keep gear cool. More circulation through the entire rack can help extend the life of your components.
Item #: EXVS

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