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Greg's Home Theater

Description: The room is 16'w X 33'L and includes a full bath with shower and 8' pool table in the rear half of the room. The walls are treated with Auralex acoustic products. The system includes the following: Mitsubishi 62" DLP TV, Pass Labs XA100 mono amps for front channels, McCormack HT3 (fully upgraded by Steve McCormack)for center and rear channels, Aragon Stage One processor, Pass Labs X2.5 pre with HT pass through, Marantz DV9600 player, Ohm Walsh 200 Mk3 front speakers, Alon Centris dipole rears, Alon LCR Grand center,Alon Thunderbolt sub, DirecTV HD receiver, Kenwood Sirius receiver, Wadia 301 cd player, MonsterPower HTS 5100, and custom cables by The Cable Pro and Bogdan Audio. All work performed by me, an audiophile / videophile.

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