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Potter's Movie House

Description: The Potter's Movie House was entirely a DYI project, with a fair amount of product and advice from HTmarket. In our basement, the entirely soundtight HT includes a 103" Stewart screen, in wall Atlantic Technology 7.1 sound, and a great JVC/Dukane DLIA project, all from HTmarket. The seats also from HTmarket are Celebrity, which we had modified (after delivery) to accommodate the Buttkickers. We control everything (lights, AV, curtains, HVAC etc with the Universal MX 3000.

In the entry we have 3 lighted poster boxes and other art from HTmarket. It was a huge project, but fun and well worth it. We love to "go to the movies" without getting in the car. Our design goal was to replicate the cinema feel from our childhood - after the decline of the great movie palaces, but before the rise of the mega-multiplexes.

Much thanks to HTmarket and Alan H.

potter home theater picture
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