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18 foot Motorized Drapery Kit

18 foot Motorized Drapery Kit

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18 foot Motorized Drapery Kit
Item Code: ZZADO18K-1
Sale Price: $849.99


Instruction Manual - Information Guide

Great for home theater applications you can place in front of fixed wall screen or other application.

Protect furniture, artwork and more with drapes that can automatically close when you're gone.

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Eliminate window glare on your TV screen without interrupting your movie night Help your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the included drape timer They're as easy to install as a standard drapery rod Extend the life of your furniture and carpeting by automatically closing during high sun periods

If you want the ability to open or close your drapes at the push of a button, yet want to retain the flexibility of pulling them open or closed manually, then you'll love the Makita Motorized Drape System! Whether you use the included wireless remote, or the optional wall-mounted drape switch, the drapes will glide open or closed, smoothly and quietly. You can even use the included timer to have them automatically open or close four times a day!

Perfect for locations where you don't have existing drape rods, the system is incredibly easy to install. Just cut the rod to the length you want with a hacksaw and install as you would a normal drape rod. Then clip the motor to one end and plug it into an AC outlet. Includes instructional videotape. Each motor handles up to 60 lbs. of drapes. Drapes can be stopped at any intermediate position.

Kit Includes:





rod assembly


3 year limited warranty

Plugs directly into 115v outlet

Clutch mechanism permits drapes to be opened manually

Time allows 4 opening and closing cycles

System accommodates center as well a one way right or left openings

Track can easily be cut to exact lengths with hacksaw to fit various window sizes or openings.

3 year warranty

Recommended Accessories

Recommended Accessories
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Price: $389.99
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18ft Double System

Same as above but two rods, tracks and motors.

Remote handles two motors.
Item #: ZZADO18K-2

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