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Atlantic In-Wall NetStreams Compatible Speaker

Atlantic In-Wall NetStreams Compatible Speaker

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Atlantic In-Wall NetStreams Compatible Speaker
Item Code: IWTS-4LCR-IP-S
Sale Price: $274.99

Optional Accessories:
In-Wall Speaker Foam Damping Kit for LCR 4/7/14/30In-Wall Speaker Foam Damping Kit for LCR 4/7/14/30$119.99
Optional New Construction Bracket for IWTS-4LCROptional New Construction Bracket for IWTS-4LCR$39.99

  • One 6.5" Graphite Loaded Homopolymer (GLH) woofer
  • 1" LRT™ Silk Dome tweeter
  • 6 Ohm Impedance
  • 2-position NetStreams/Conventional switch selects hookup mode
  • Front panel adjustable High Frequency Level control
What would be really great is if you could combine the NetStreams digital precision with some truly outstanding loudspeakers--then you'd have a system second to none!

That's exactly what you get with the Atlantic Technology-NetStreams system. Atlantic speakers are world-renowned for their incredible sound, and have several unique design advantages that make them especially well-suited to being partnered with the NetStreams system. Atlantic speakers have sophisticated adjustment controls to optimize their high-frequency output for varying room absorptive characteristics; the -7 and -14 LCR also have Boundary Compensation switches to tailor their frequency response depending on how close to an adjacent wall they're mounted, and they have Atlantic's exclusive Directional Vector Control (DVC™) that electronically directs the sound up or down from the speaker, without having to employ the conventional, unsophisticated mechanical "pivoting tweeter." Only Atlantic speakers provide the end-user with such a comprehensive array of acoustic optimization controls to ensure that the speakers always sound great, in any installation.

We can do all these things. Atlantic and NetStreams engineers worked hand-in-hand for months to replicate every single one of the Atlantic equalization and adjustment curves--but this time, it's done digitally in the NetStreams electronics.

This is the beauty and the advantage of the Atlantic/NetStreams system. By using the NetStreams amplifier and the pre-loaded Atlantic crossover/ equalization files, you can dial in the exact crossover and equalization for Atlantic models IWTS-4 LCR-IP, -7 LCR-IP, and -14 LCR-IP. Using the NetStreams system, the crossover and equalization functions are performed digitally upstream of the speaker, in the NetStreams amplifier. The amplifier is then connected to the Atlantic speaker with an easy Phoenix connector and a simple two-position toggle switch on the speaker bypasses the speaker's onboard passive crossover.

This is the best of all worlds: a super-clean digital signal with the exact crossover and equalization data encoded for these Atlantic speakers. Everything stays in the digital domain, all the way from the recording studio until it reaches the speakers. Since the NetStreams DigiLinX system always distributes the audio completely uncompressed, it is finally possible to have a bit for bit copy of the original CD master recording in every room of the home!

The system sounds great--you get every bit of performance out of the speakers that they're capable of. Atlantic speaker innovation, coupled with digital precision. It's an unbeatable combination. And as a bonus, since we're completely avoiding the passive crossover, we don't suffer any insertion loss. As a matter of fact, the system will play as much as 5dB louder, which means that NetStreams' 50-watt amplifiers behave like conventional 160-watt amplifiers! Wow. The whole system plays louder, cleaner, with less distortion, and perfect uniformity from one to the next.

Recommended Accessories

Recommended Accessories
In-Wall Speaker Foam Damping Kit for LCR 4/7/14/30

The materials in the in-wall damping kit are intended to absorb and dampen a significant amount of the acoustic energy radiating from the back of the in-wall speaker's drivers. It is primarily intended to enhance the sonic performance of the speakers. Its ability to reduce adjacent room sound transfer is fairly limited and not its main purpose.

The kit contains the following pieces:
  • (1) Speaker Damping Ring
  • (1) Adjacent Wall Damping Pad
  • (2) Damping Blocks-Top and Bottom
Optional New Construction Bracket for IWTS-4LCR

Item #: IN-NC-4

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