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Palliser Swatch Request

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Palliser Leather, Fabric, and Wood Samples

Palliser furniture is available in a variety of cover options. Below you can find available samples of fabric(microfiber), Leather, and wood. The Fabric is broken down into different grades 1-3. The leathers are also broken down into different grades 1000-7000.

Champion Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is a synthetic leather like material. Though the Champion and Luxguard Bonded Leathers are fabricated, they are remarkably similar to real leather in nearly every way and are built to last.

Champion Alabaster

Champion Bone

Champion Crimson

Champion Khaki

Champion Granite

Champion Spice

Champion Mink

Champion Toffee

Champion Java

Champion Onyx

Luxguard Bonded Leather

Luxguard Classic Espesso

Luxguard Classic Shale

Luxguard Classic Hazelnut

Luxguard Modern Basalt

Luxguard Modern Black

Luxguard Modern Chocolate

Luxguard Modern Cloud

Luxguard Modern Natural

Luxguard Modern Red

1000 Grade Leather

A perfect combination of durability and value, Palliser Leather 1000 is Corrected Top Grain Leather. Polished and embossed to ensure a spotless finish, the Leather 1000 series is a firm and great looking choice for family friendly and easily cleaned leather.

Tulsa Bisque

Tulsa Chalk

Tulsa Dark Brown

Tulsa Honeydew

Tulsa Jet

Tulsa Lemon

Tulsa Russet

Tulsa Sand

Tulsa Stone

Tulsa Storm

Tulsa Tobacco

Tulsa Umber

1500 Grade Leather

Polished to shine then treated to grant exceptional durability, the process of creating Palliser Leather 1500 is quite similar to the Leather 1000 series. Both Leather 1500 and 1000 are Corrected Leathers, however leather 1500 is dyed in various eccentric colors known simply as "Dazzle"

Dazzle Maize

Dazzle Cayenne

Dazzle Scallop

Dazzle Tropic

Dazzle Peapod

Dazzle Pansy

Dazzle Ice

2000 Grade Leather

Palliser Leather 2000 is a gently buffed Semi-Corrected Leather, providing a flawless finish while still maintaining a soft, natural grain and texture. The Leather 2000 series is surface coated, making it astoundingly resistant to stains and blemishes.

Classic Acorn

Classic Anthracite

Classic Wheat

Classic Sahara

Classic Blossom

Classic Merlot

Classic Mocha

Classic Regatta

Classic Sable

Classic Sandstone

2500 Grade Leather

Leather 2500 Palliser Leather 2500 is a cut above the Leather 2000 series. Much like Leather 2000, Leather 2500 is Semi-Corrected Leather and as a result comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, from soft and smooth to coarse.

Colorado Brown

Colorado Caviar

Colorado Dark Grey

Colorado Mist

Colorado Red

Colorado White

Rendezvous Cabernet

Rendezvous Dark Brown

Rendezvous Polo

Venice Bisquit

Venice Chocolate

Venice Coal

Venice Putty

Venice Steel

Venice Tan

Venice Tawny

3000 Grade Leather

With the exception of the Broadway line, Palliser Leather 3000 is Natural Grain Leather and therefore is uncorrected; as a result the leathers in this series are made with nothing less than the most pristine hides available. Pleasantly soft and remarkably durable, the Leather 3000 series' only fault is it's increased vulnerability to stains over its treated cousins. If you're looking for a soft, pristine looking finish for your home theater seating, Leather 3000 is the way to go.

Broadway Alabaster

Broadway Bone

Broadway Crimson

Broadway Khaki

Broadway Granite

Broadway Spice

Broadway Mink

Broadway Toffee

Broadway Java

Broadway Onyx

Bronco Ginger

Bronco Sunset

Bronco Cerise

Bronco Star

Bronco Steer

Carnival Bamboo

Carnival Honey

Carnival Lager

Carnival Haze

Carnival Penny

Carnival Riviera

Carnival Claret

Carnival Tavern

Carnival Moss

Carnival Raven

4000 Grade Leather

Much like the 3000 series, Palliser Leather 4000 is Natural Grain Leather. Uncorrected and cut from the highest quality hides, Leather 4000 has an authentic leather texture and is exceptionally soft. Although it is available in fewer colors than its Leather 3000 counterpart, the 4000 grade offers a more natural look and feel that the lower grades can't match.

Bison Brown

Bison Dark Red

Bison Espresso

Bison Smoke

Durango Coffee

Durango Pewter

Durango Rio

5000 Grade Leather

Soft and Durable, Palliser Leather 5000 is the marriage of luxury and strength. Made from 100% Natural Grain Leather, the Leather 5000 series has a lot in common with its 3000 and 4000 series brethren, however it stands up against wear and tear better than most other Leathers. If you're looking for 'family friendly' leather without wanting to sacrifice the luxury and style of top grain leather, Leather 5000 is a solid choice.

Toscana TG Snow

Toscana TG Eggshell

Toscana TG Rouge

Toscana TG Truffle

Toscana TG Black

6000 Grade Leather

Palliser Leather 6000 is supple, beautiful, luxurious, Natural Grain Leather. Soft to the touch and beautiful to behold, the Leather 6000 series is, in a word: extravagant. Though delicate and harder to clean than the lower grade leathers, Leather 6000 has an unparalleled silky feel that no other leather can match.

Alfresco Bluff

Alfresco Brandy

Alfresco Caramel

Alfresco Fudge

Alfresco Toreador

7000 Grade Leather

Cameo Terra

Cameo Chestnut

Specialty Leather

Glove Bark

Glove Chianti

Glove Palomino

Glove Shade

Cameo Printed Terra

Cameo Printed Chestnut

Fabric Grade 1

Palliser Fabric Grade 1 covers a wide variety of different styles and colors of fabric. Made from microfiber, Fabric Grade 1 is readily cleanable and available in a varying range of textures and colors from soft suede to a firmer more textured like fabric.

Balance Moss

Balance Midnight

Basin Beach

Basin Coffee

Basin Chocolate

Basin Ivory

Basin Moss

Basin Zinc

Bela Opaline

Bela Grey

Bela Dream

Bela Braun

Bela Apple

Bela Caribean

Bela Orange

Bela Rouge

Bela Vino

Bela Noix

Bela Pewter

Bela Purple

Bela Royal

Bela Bonbon

Capital Anthracite

Capital Earth

Caprice Ceruliean

Caprice Cornsilk

Caprice Granite

Caprice Hemp

Caprice Midnight

Caprice Mulberry

Caprice Walnut

Congo Bronze

Congo Umber

Echosuede Cappuccino

Echosuede Charcoal

Echosuede Khaki

Echosuede Licorice

Echosuede Mink

Echosuede Peat

Echosuede Purnice

Echosuede Red

Echosuede Stone

Griff Brownstone

Griff Walnut

Griff Charcoal

Loft Beach

Loft Eggplant

Loft Gray

Loft Navy

Loft Sand

Lucky Star Cognac

Lucky Star Flame

Lucky Star Sterling

Lucky Star Straw

Mila Silver

Mila Taupe

Mila Grey

Mila Turquoise

Mila Plum

Mila Espresso

Monarch Linen

Monarch Cafe

Monarch Pebble

Monarch Salsa

Monarch Canvas

Monarch Briarwood

Monarch Phantom

Moonlight Oyster

Moonlight Stone

Moonlight Black

Palace Sable

Palace Silt

Palace Steel

Phoenix Ivory

Phoenix Stone

Phoenix Plum

Phoenix Chocolate

Phoenix Navy

Phoenix Anthracite

Polo Cream

Polo Oyster

Polo Grey

Polo Nutmeg

Polo Bordeaux

Polo Leather

Polo Slate

Renegade Custard

Renegade Ivy

Renegade Berry

Renegade Chocolate

Saffron Angora

Saffron Lipstick

Saffron Chocolate

Sterling Cocoa

Sterling Ivory

Sterling Lime

Sterling Mink

Sterling Nutmeg

Sterling Sand

Sterling Slate

Sterling Turquoise

Voltage Cream

Voltage Java

Voltage Topaz

Wyoming Alabaster

Wyoming Onyx

Wyoming Red

Fabric Grade 2

A more intricate entry into the Palliser fabric library, Fabric Grade 2 contains many patterned and textured microfiber fabrics guaranteed to catch the eye.

Donna Coffee

Donna Berry

Donna Chocolate

Grasslands Linen

Grasslands Moss

Jumangi Chocolate

Jumangi Oyster

Jumangi Peat

Morocco Chocolate

Pearl River Putty

Superb Pewter

Superb Toast

Palliser Wood

Espresso Wood

Some Palliser Leathers and Fabrics have been discontinued, Click Here for a list of discontinued Palliser Leathers and Fabrics.

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