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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Build a Home Theater with - Home Builder Partner Program wants to partner with you and your customers on helping you design the best home theaters and media rooms imaginable. has over 14 years experience working with home builders on home theaters. We know what works and what does not work with home theaters. Find out more information on our partner program by clicking through to this web page Home Builder Home Theater Partner Program Highlights of the Program Include:
  • Flexible Home Builder Discount Program

  • HTmarket has Trained Staff on designing a home theater

  • One stop resource for home builders on everything home theater

  • Free fabric and leather samples for home builders on all home theater seating, theater carpeting, theater curtains, acoustic panels and more.

  • Top home theater seating lines like Palliser and Jaymar.

  • Largest resource of designer friendly products on the web including theater displays, carpeting, curtains, acoustic panels, entertainment centers, star ceiling kits, and wall sconces.

  • Fun items like popcorn machines, candy display cases, artwork, theater pillows and throws.

  • Home Theater Pictures from our past customers that can inspire unique theater design ideas.

  • can assist you in planning the space as we know the proper viewing distances, platform sizes and seating dimensions.

    Home Builder Home Theater Partner Program offers competitive home builder discounts based on volume. Please contact us at for more information. To qualify you must be an accredited home builder or re modeler. We will email you an application once filled out and approved we can email you the discount program.