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Reels and Clock Reels

Movie reels are a great theme for any home theater. Goldberg reels manufactures the "real" movie reels for the theater. Goldberg recently branched out into home theater decor and has signed up to resell these items. The new reel decor products include movie reel clocks, reel wall decor, reel wine racks, and a variety of reel tables. This reel decor is high quality products to help make your home theater a work of art.

Reel Serving Tray Can
Sale Price: $49.99
Movie Reel Clock
Sale Price: $79.99
Film Reel Wine Rack
Sale Price: $139.99
Steel Reel End Table
Sale Price: $179.99
Holiday Reel Gift Pack
Sale Price: $199.99
Reel Showpiece
Sale Price: $249.99
Reel Door Pull
Sale Price: $269.99
Reel Accent Table
Sale Price: $599.99
Film Reel Door Port Window
Sale Price: $629.99
Finished Reel Coffee Table
Sale Price: $819.99
Double Reel Coffee Table
Sale Price: $894.99
Filmstrip Table
Sale Price: $899.99