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Concession Stands, Candy Cases & Ticket Booth

The Concession Stand is the mainstay of most movie theaters with large movie theater candy in the display case. We feature concession stands for the home theater. These stands are a great home theater decorations and they prove very useful to stock candy. We have recently added ticket booths and a usher theater door. We also show a candy case which can be wall mounted or put into your own concession stand. The ticket booths for home theater wall decor only.

Framed Box Office Mirror
Sale Price: $199.99
Box Office Mirror
Sale Price: $144.99
Concession Decor
Sale Price: $1,299.99
Concession Stand Candy Counter
Sale Price: $4,199.99
Hardwood Concession Stand
Sale Price: $3,039.99
Hardwood Concession Counter
Sale Price: $3,425.00
Ticket Booth
Sale Price: $899.99
Film Reel Door Port
Sale Price: $159.99
Royal Candy Case
Sale Price: $1,799.99
Pylon Candy Case
Sale Price: $2,399.99