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Home Theater Lobby

What is a great home theater without a great home theater lobby? From ticket booths, to concession stands, to door panels, we have everything to help complete your home theater lobby!

Concession Decor
Sale Price: $1,299.99
Home Cinema Sign Vertical
Sale Price: $1,299.99
Theater Marquee Sign
Sale Price: $2,299.99
Concession Stand Candy Counter
Sale Price: $4,199.99
Hardwood Concession Counter
Sale Price: $3,425.00
Hardwood Concession Stand
Sale Price: $3,039.99
Double Sided Home Cinema Sign
Sale Price: $2,499.99
Ticket Booth
Sale Price: $899.99
Filmstrip Table
Sale Price: $899.99
Row One Home Cinema bar
Sale Price: $2,310.99
Reel Door Pull
Sale Price: $254.99