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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Home Theater Guide

The addition of a Home Theater adds an entertainment room that allows for the company of friends and family to relax together and watch the latest movie or sporting event. When creating a home theater there are many aspects that shouldn't be looked over. There are some basic fundamentals to creating and starting a home theater, but one should not look past the accessories to create the ultimate home theater atmosphere. Our goal at is to provide you with a one stop shop for creating the "Ultimate Home Theater". The subjects below give you some insight and guidelines that should be consider when building a home theater.

Home Theater Product Guides
  1. Home Theater Projector Guide
    Resolution, contrast ratio, and brightness (lumens) are a few of the key components to consider when buying a projector.
  2. Home Theater Projector Screen Guide
    What size projector screen should I get? What projector screen material is best for my projector?
  3. Home Theater Seating Guide
    Helpful guide with information about home theater seating.
  4. Popcorn Machine Guide
    Helpful tips and things to consider when selecting a popcorn popper.
  5. Home Theater Drape Guide
    Helpful tips and things to consider when selecting drapes and measuring them.
The Home Theater Atmosphere - Things to Consider
  1. Accessories
    One of the main features that shouldn't be looked past are the accessories to a home theater. The accessories allow you to add your personal touch. They make your home theater unique and allow your home theater to be distinguished from any other home theater. provides you with the opportunity to create the full home theater experience with a variety of accessories. One of the main accessories to a home theater is a popcorn machine, popcorn and a movie just go hand in hand. Another popular item to add to a home theater are movie poster frames including back lit and standard frames that you can change posters without removing from wall. Looking for the ultimate home theater accessories check out our velour rope, back row bar, customized lighted movie marquees, star ceilings, vinyl studded door panels and home theater lighted wall sconces.

    Home Theater Design
    Watch our video on how we can help you design the proper home theater room. wants to help you you design the best home theater or media room imaginable. has over 20 years experience working with customers on theaters. We know what works and what does not work with home theaters.

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    1. Popcorn Machines and Supplies
    2. Movie Posters and Movie Poster Frames
    3. Home Theater Decor
    4. Velour Rope, Posts, and Wall Plates
    5. Concession Stands, Candy Cases, and Ticket Booths
    6. Home Theater Signs

  2. Lighting
    Another important aspect to a home theater is the amount of light in the room. Is there a lot of outside light that makes it into the room? The proper lighting can create perfect atmosphere for a home theater. Obviously when you are watching a movie you would like to have little or no light in the room. However, if you are entertaining guest for a major sporting event there has to be proper light so your guest don't have to move around and mingle in the dark. provides a variety of lighting options that can create the "Ultimate Home Theater" atmosphere.

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    1. Home Theater Lighting
    2. Home Theater Drapes

  3. Size of the Room
    One of the first things to consider when building a home theater is the size of the room. Whether you have a dedicated room or a multi-purpose room. The size of the room determines where and how the components of the theater should be installed. Determining the size of the room provides answers like:
    • Where to place the projector?
    • How big of a projector screen should I get?
    • What speakers should I get?
    • Where should I place the speakers?
    • How many chairs/loungers should I get?

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    1. Home Theater Reviews
      For more information on home theater reviews and demos check out the leading authority Home Theater TV on YouTube.