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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Discontinued Home Theater Seating Styles

The following styles have been discontinued from are listed below. If you need help regarding a replacement style, call 888-764-9273.

All Berkline, company out of business

berkline 078

berkline 087

berkline 088

berkline 090

berkline 093

berkline 094

berkline 099

berkline 12000

berkline 12003

berkline 12011

berkline 12013

berkline 13174

berkline 13175

berkline 45003

berkline 45012

berkline 45034

berkline bijou

berkline matinee

berkline reno

berkline trilogy

coaster pavillion

coaster showtime

coaster studio

lane 220

lane 221

lane 315

lane bijou

lane end zone

palliser blade

Palliser Accelerator

palliser ace

palliser audio

palliser autobahn

palliser auxiliary

palliser balance

palliser brando

palliser bullet

palliser cagney

palliser catalina

palliser channel

palliser coda

palliser current

palliser digital

palliser eastwood

Palliser elite

palliser epych

palliser equalizer

palliser feedback

palliser frequency

palliser gain

palliser hifi

palliser hiland

palliser indianapolis

palliser lemans

palliser linus

palliser mendoza

palliser overdrive

palliser pacifico

palliser pepper

palliser pilot

palliser record

palliser rodeo

palliser rhumba

palliser sequelle

palliser soundtrack

palliser strategy

palliser trylogy

row one ballard

all row one home theater seating

row one plaza

row one theater seating

all Jaymar theater seating