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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

The Bates Family Theatre

Description: The Bates Family Theatre was completed in October of 2006. It was designed by us; the owners, Bob & Tina Bates. The theatre is 27 feet long and 19 feet wide and features a 123” wall screen with remote control custom made stage curtains. The window curtains were also custom made to match the stage curtains. There are seven red leather, electronic controlled, reclining chairs in the theatre, three in the front and four in the back. There is a Sony VPLVW110, (1080P), ceiling mount projector plus a small room for all the audio and stereo components. Mounted on the walls are seven B&W speakers plus two Velodyne floor sub woofers. All functions of the theatre are controlled by a Control 4 wireless touch pad which operates the curtains, the Sony projector, two DVD players, a VCR, Satellite TV, music, lights, and temperature. Best of all we never have to leave our seats to control the entire theatre! Photo # 1, shows the entrance to the theatre, with the “Bates Family Theatre” sconce over the entrance way. A welcome mat entitled, “Admit One” is just inside the entrance. Photo # 2, was taken from the stage and shows the “Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker” and the Control 4 key pad, along with several movie posters. Photo # 3, was taken from the rear of the theatre and shows the custom stage curtain, window curtain and special theatre carpet to accent the curtains. Photo # 4, show the small room to the right of the theatre that contains all the audio and stereo equipment plus a storage area for thousands of VHS tapes, DVD’s, reel to reel tapes and records (45RPM & albums). Photo # 5 shows the full effect of an actual custom introduction DVD of the Bates’ Family Theatre.

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