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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Kern Theatre

Description: I have always loved going to the movies. Most of my childhood Saturday mornings were spent at the Palace Theater, two blocks from my home, where I could watch two Science Fiction, Horror or Western feature films, one or more cartoons, a cliff-hanger serial chapter, a newsreel, a short subject, and previews of coming attractions… all for a quarter! About five years ago I decided to build a 1950’s style home theater so that I could go back to those magnificent, movie palaces I remembered as a child and re-live those special Saturday mornings. I wanted to faithfully recreate the nostalgia and charm of those fabulous movie houses, so my theater had to be really ornate, with red and gold curtains and fringe-lined swags, Greek columns, chandeliers, wall sconces, ferns and palms, plush carpet, brass stanchions with red velvet ropes, and real seats from an old movie theater. I spent two years collecting vintage items from old theaters and original 1950s Science Fiction and Horror movie posters, and another year designing and building the basic theater. The theater has been operational for over two years and the response from our guests has been overwhelming. Many of them say that our theater reminds them of the one in their hometown and makes them feel like children again. The theater is still a work in progress. I am always looking for additional vintage theater items and my next project will be the addition of a box office and marquee.