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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

The Pirate Cove Theater

Description: My wife of five years and I have always wanted a home theater dedicated to Disney’s Pirate’s of the Carribean attraction at Disneyland. It is a ride that we have always loved, and the recent movies have been a household favorite. Although, the theater is based upon the Disney attraction, we have added elements from the movies as well (this is a movie theater after all!) We created arches on each side of the theater where we have had an artist come and paint murals of our favorite scenes in them. Then, we created an outside feeling, similar to when you first get on the ride at Disneyland; you feel like you are floating down “the bayou” at night. To accomplish this we have built a star field in the ceiling, complete with real constellations and shooting stars! The overall effect is amazing! The area in the basement was 16'x37'x8' I wanted to have a theater and a lobby in this space. So the theater is about 16x27 and the rest is the lobby. There was a window on the plans for the room where the theater is, but I convinced them to get rid of it (no easy task.) Thankfully, there is only one window in the lobby area, and none in the theater area. The lobby includes a popcorn machine that we modified to fit the theme and also a candy/concession area where you can get your goodies before the show. Being limited to only five pictures, it was difficult to show all aspects of the lobby and the theater. The lobby, Laffite's Landing, continues the pirate theme complete with wood plank floors, whiskey barrels, and gold. It truly has the feel you get when you first get on your boat and float by the “Blue Bayou Restaurant” listening to the crickets chirp, seeing the old man smoking his pipe, and listening to the banjo. Equipment: Speakers: Mains and centers are Vandersteen 2ce and Vcc. Surrounds are polk m-5, Subs are sunfire ture sub eq’s. Projector: Panasonic AE900U Electronics: Carver AV705x amp, Carver CT-28v pre amp, Technics AC500D Processor Sources: Sony 400 Disc Changer CX995V, Dish VIP622 DVR Power Protection: Panamax 4300, 5300

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