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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Mattox Family Theater

Description: Introducing "THE RED VELVET" Mattox Family Theatre. The theater was created in our 12x18 Bonusroom. The faboulous "Velvet" seats 16(6 stadium seatings: 3 black leather massage seats in front with 3 black leather theater seats in the back; 2 comfortable leather/mahogany stool chairs at the bar(including wine rack); 4 - 2 seater benches [2 benches per side of the room]. The room is uniquely painted (top to bottom) a bright "Rapture Red" draped with red velvet curtains for the windows and movie screen. The room decor is set just as you would see at the actual movies. It has an exclusive border that depicts the movie scenery. It includes an array of our favorite movie posters (ordered to duplicate the style of the actual theater). The lights are set to highlight the movie poster displays, as well as having a dimming system to set the lighting to your personal preferance. To hightlight the room when it is completly dim, we installed floor running lighting, which really sets off the movie setting. At the main entrance of "The Red Velvet" we have a small, yet inviting concession area. The concession area includes a miniture authentic popcorn machine, a refrigerator for your drinking plesure, and a varied genres of movies for viewing (comedy, action pack, drama, mystery, etc.) The area also includes all the audio/video/cable/dvd equipment for a fully operational home theater room.

red velvet theater