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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Cinema Paradiso

Description: My theater is a custom-designed and constructed (by myself) located in the Garden Level (unfinished Basement) of my home. Dimensions are 13ft wide x23ft deep. I have 2 rows of stadium seating (3 chairs each), a 100-inch Stewart Firehawk screen. Sounds consists of 2 fronts each with built-in subs, center with sub, 2 sides, 2 rears and large stand-alone sub. I am in the process of adding two rears for true 6.1 sound. My equipment consists of a Middle Atlantic Rack that contains a Monster UPS System that provides power to my system via battery in the even of power loss, 2 Monster Stabilizer & Line Conditioners, Sunfire Ultimate 7.1 Receiver, Carver 5-channel Amplifier, Aperion 533-PT Towers w/ Sub, Earthquake IW-80 in-wall sides, Bose AM5-II rears, Earthquake 10-inch Sub, Polk in-ceiling Surround-back (installing this week), Sony 400 DVD Changer, Sony 400 CD Changer, Sony Single CD Player, Sony VHS player and Parametric Equalizer.