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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Scherenberg Theater


What’s better than a walk-in-closet, how about a walk-in-DVD storage room? I transformed my basement into a custom home theater, DVD room, complete bar with LCD monitor to view what’s playing, pool table and electronic dart board. An entertainer’s paradise.

The actual theater room was originally a bedroom in my basement when I first purchase my townhouse. I completely gutted 80% of the basement and figured I could build my first home theater. I did it myself and loved every part. I wish I had more room to work with. Here are the details.

Starting off in the theater room, I constructed a half-wall to separate the theater form the larger area. This allowed me to still feel part of the big room, but created a natural cozy feel of a theater. I recessed the original flat wall where the screen would go, back about 18 inches. This greatly reduced the light wash-out if other activates were going on in the basement. The screen is a 92” Cinema Contour with grey screen material. For the left and right speakers, I used Bowers-Wilkins FPM5 speakers that mounted directly to the wall. For the center speaker I went a little larger and used a single FPM6 speaker. These speakers look phenomenal and sound amazing. I tied everything together with a JBL 12” Powered Sub for deep base response. For the ceiling, I removed each ceiling tile and painted flat black. I installed 4 recessed can lights, along with a 5 recessed mini-cans that follow the same contour of the stage. The stage is constructed in small curved, filled with insulation to give it a nice quite feeling. The seats are thee Berkline recliners, set on top a mini-platform custom stage, with step, wrapped in white LED lighting. To complete the room, two colors changing LED sconces, controlled via remote, are installed to give a unique feel. The colors for the room are dark red, purple and cream. Custom deep red curtains are hanging behind the seats to provide the authenticate movie theater feeling.

All equipment is connected using a Hot Link Pro X12 Infrared Eye. This allows the equipment to be custom rack mounted in the DVD storage room. Everything is controlled directly from the theater room.

All lights are controlled via the Insteon smart dimmers. Everything is linked together and can be dimmed individually or as a scene. To top everything off, the Original 1911 Antique 4oz. Popcorn Machine is needed for a true movie experience.

scherenberg home theater