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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Watson Rendevous Theater

Description: We remodeled part of our unused basement as a dedicated home theater. Finished size of the room is approximately 13' x 26'. We installed a recessed 92" screen, top of the line 7 speaker system and projector to bring the high quality sight and sound of a commercial theater into our home. We had the pleasure to deck out the detail with theme carpeting, sconces, movie posters and a popcorn machine. We chose very comfortable reclining seats with cup holders and set the back tier of seats upon a pedestal. We took the advice of the installers and painted the room a dark color so as not to scatter the light from the projector. We also added a small refrigerator to refresh our drinks so we wouldn't miss any part of the movie or not have to pause the show. We also added shelving for DVD display to highlight our favorite movies and used a wine rack to add a space for candies. What theater would be complete without theater curtains! It was not desirable to cover the speakers in the front, so we put the curtains in the back of the room around the components, refrigerator, movies and candy display. It is so wonderful to smell the popcorn and settle down for a true theater experience at home with our family.

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