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LED Flexbrite Frequently Asked Questions

LED Flexbrite

FAQ 1: How do I attach the LED Flexbrite?

Answer: LED Flexbrite can be mounted with clips, DL-CLIP, or mounting track, DL-TRACK-4, (sold separately). Do not secure power cord with staples, nails, or anything that may pierce the plastic coating.

FAQ 2: What is the cuttability of LED Flexbrite?

Answer: It depends of the color. The Blue, White and Green versions of this product are cuttable every 3 feet; the Yellow, Red and Amber every 5 feet.

FAQ 3: Is this product waterproof?

Answer: No. But, it does have an outdoor rating which allows it to be used outdoors, but it is not intended for use around standing water.

FAQ 4: Is there a 90 degree connector available for LED Flexbrite?

Answer: Not at this time.

FAQ 5: Can LED Flexbrite be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes. This product is c/UL Listed for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, when using this product outdoors, it is important to make sure that the product is plugged into a GFCI outlet (and that the controller, if used, is housed inside a waterproof enclosure). Note: LED Flexbrite is rated for outdoor use, but it is not designed to be submerged in liquid or installed in the vicinity of standing water.

FAQ 6: How is the LED Flexbrite sold?

Answer: Custom Cut LED Flexbrite can be ordered by the foot (to the nearest cutting increment) and is available in all colors offered by American Lighting. Linkable kits are only available in CW (6400K) or WW (4000K).

FAQ 7: When an LED fails, does one LED burn out, or does an entire section burn out?

Answer: Yes. If one LED burns out, an entire series, or section will go out. If it is a "custom cut" piece, the entire piece must be replaced. If using kits, simply unhook the kit with a burnt out section and replace with a new kit of the same length.

FAQ 8: Does the power cord for the LED Flexbrite have a fuse?

Answer: Yes. UL 2388 stipulates that all flexible lighting products must have a fused power cord to prevent overloading. Replacement fuses can be found at your local hardware store or Radio Shack. Be sure to replace the fuse with the same amperage rating as the original (1.6 amps).

FAQ 9: Can the LED Flexbrite be direct wired?

Answer: The LED Flexbrite comes equipped with a 120V Plug that must be plugged into an outlet. The plug cannot be altered for any reason to convert to a direct wire installation. If the cord and plug are altered in any way, the UL Listing and warranty will be void.

FAQ 10: What is the maximum length of LED Flexbrite that can be powered from a single plug?

Answer: The maximum run length for a single length with one plug is 240 feet.

FAQ 11: Can LED Flexbrite Kits be linked together?

Answer: LED Flexbrite comes equipped with a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other end that allow for mulitple kits to be linked together. Linking kits together will allow for easier relacement should a section of LED Flexbrite fail prematurely.

FAQ 12: Can custom cut pieces of LED Flexbrite be linked together?

Answer: Custom Cut LED Flexbrite cannot be linked together or extended. Only the LED Flexbrite Kits can be linked together.

FAQ 13: Can I repair damaged sections of LED Flexbrite?

Answer: Damaged sections of Custom Cut Flexbrite cannot be repaired in the field. They must be sent back to the factory to be repaired. However, defective pieces of LED Flexbrite Kits can be replaced by simply removing the kit with the damaged section and installing a new kit of the same size.

FAQ 14: What lengths are available for the LED Flexbrite kits?

Answer: LED Flexbrite kits are available in WW (4000K) and CW (6400K) only. The lengths they come in are as follows: 3', 9', 15', 30', 75', and 150'.

FAQ 15: Do I need a driver to power the LED Flexbrite?

Answer: 120V LED Flexbrite does not require a driver to power it. 12V LED Flexbrite (LED-DL-WH-12) requires a 12V driver for small runs or a 12V DC Electronic Transformer for larger runs.

FAQ 16: I need 67' of WW LED Flexbrite. How do I order this?

Answer: The best way to make a "custom" length of LED FLexbrite is to combine smaller kits together to get the closest workable length. For this product, the overall length must be divisible by 3 feet. For example, for a 66' length, you could use seven 9' kits, plus a 3' foot kit (63' + 3' = 66') or four 15' kits plus two 3' kits (60' + 6' = 69) or also by using four 15' kits plus one 9' kit (60' + 9' = 69').

FAQ 17: Can I dim LED Flexbrite?

Answer: Yes. You can dim LED Flexbrite by using an Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer with a switched outlet. Simply plug the power cord into the outlet and control the lighting with the dimmer.

FAQ 18: Can I attach the LED Flexbrite to concrete?

Answer: You can silicone a clear mounting track (DL-TRACK-4) to the concrete and let that cure for 24 hours then snap the LED Flexbrite into the track.