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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Stewart Filmscreen FireHawk G5 Screen Material

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Fifth generation FireHawk is a flexible, front projection screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications involving the presence of ambient light. Ambient light is the enemy of two-piece projection. Stewart Filmscreen is in the business of image fidelity and FireHawk G5 was designed to provide the best possible trade-off between image fidelity and ambient light resistance. With increased image contrast and even better off-axis viewing, FireHawk G5 delivers image exactness along with superior high contrast levels that have long been synonymous with Stewart Filmscreen.
Review of Stewart Screen Fabrics
Alan review's Stewart FireHawk G3 screen fabric compared side by side with others. You can learn which screen material to choose with your Stewart Filmscreen. This video helps you select the proper screen fabric.
  • Reformulated optical coating allows for enhanced focusing capabilities
  • Superior performance in environments with ambient light
  • Offers superb black levels, shadow detailing, and overall color saturation
  • Increased image contrast and resolution
  • Certified by THX
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)
Material Type Flexible Front Screen
Maximum Size 8'6"(H) x 120’(W)
Gain 1.1
Half Gain 35 degrees
Perforations Microperf X² (optional)
Minimum Throw Distance 1.6 x image width
Ambient Light Rejection Value73%
Ambient Light ResistanceGood
Edge Blending Properties n/a
Passive 3-D UseNo
Lay Flat QualityExcellent
Flame ResistanceYes
Opaque Backingn/a
Screen ModelsFixed, Retractable, and Variable-Masking