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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Stewart Filmscreen GrayMatte 70 Screen Material

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A lower gain, flexible, front projection screen material formulated for use in edge blending applications. This fabric also performs well with ultra short throw projectors. GrayMatte 70 is a neutral density, gray screen surface that can also dampen cross reflection in deeply curved or circular projection installations. This fabric is an excellent vehicle for neutral attenuation of overly lit displays employing large, high resolution projectors with small projected surface areas. GrayMatte 70 offers an extremely wide viewing cone and is a frequent choice when ambient light is not completely controlled. Custom gains are available.
  • Dampens cross reflection in deeply curved or circular installations
  • Preserves contrast when using a bright projector on a small image area
  • Available in fixed or electric screen models including multi-masking systems
  • Optional Microperf X² or Cinemaperf available for acoustic transparency
  • Seamless
  • Flame retardant
  • Washable (see proper cleaning instructions)
Material Type Flexible Front Screen
Maximum Size 40' x 90' Seamless
Gain 0.7
Half Gain Full Lambertian Diffuser
Perforations Microperf X² or Cinemaperf (optional)
Minimum Throw Distance No Minimum
Ambient Light Rejection Value38%
Ambient Light ResistanceFair
Edge Blending Properties Excellent
Passive 3-D UseNo
Lay Flat QualityExcellent
Flame ResistanceYes
Opaque BackingAvailable upon request
Screen ModelsFixed, Retractable, and Variable-Masking systems