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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Stewart Filmscreen Silver 3D Screen Material

Silver 3D, a specialty projection screen fabric designed to optimize stereoscopic, two channel 3D displays. Silver 3D employs special metallic elements, formulated to preserve light polarization. The high gain and high contrast of the fabric help compensate for the losses incurred when using polarization filtration technology.

Gain: 3.0
Half Gain: 27 degrees
  • Enhances 3D Effects
  • Preserves stereoscopic images
  • Minimizes depolarization of projected light
  • High contrast levels
  • Utilize with one of Stewart's fixed frame models or multi-masking systems
  • Optional Cinemaperf available for acoustic transparency
  • Available in seamless sizes up to 40' x 90'
  • Flame Retardant
Silver 3D offers a wider viewing cone then competing fabrics with similar gain specifications. The open/closed ratio, otherwise known as "ratio of extinction", of Silver 3D is the industry benchmark for front projection fabrics. In order to produce a high ratio of extinction, special pigmentation and binder chemistry is required. These special ingredients allow the high performance of the fabric, but have impact in the steps required to successfully handle, install, and maintain the fabric. Any hand oil, or soil smudges on this delicate material will be very apparent. It is also a characteristic of Silver 3D that the film is less plasticized than typical Stewart Filmscreen fabrics. A normal plasticization level is found to interfere with the measured ratio of extinction. The binders necessary for the preservation of the optical coating are very high in molecular weight and somewhat stiff as a result. Contact Stewart Filmscreen for more details on this custom material, its applications, and recommended handling.

NOTICE: Stewart Filmscreen does not recommend the use of Silver 3D screen material with retractable screen models. Due to the aluminized screen finish, there is a high probability of screen laddering, poor lay-flat characteristics and corner wrinkles in the image area.