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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 G4 Screen Material

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Recently reformulated StudioTek 130 G4, is a flexible, front projection screen material that now has less sparkle and offers amazing high dynamic range (HDR) of luminosity. This screen material also provides optimized white field uniformity unmatched by competing gain screens. StudioTek 130 G4 is thirty percent brighter than a matte white screen surface. Featuring a fourth generation, proprietary optical coating, this screen material allows for crisp, sharp focusing of content as well as superb color and outstanding, white field uniformity. Certified by THX, StudioTek 130 G4 is the reference standard projection material within the AV industry.
Review of Stewart Screen Fabrics
Alan review's Stewart StudioTek 130 screen fabric side by side against other fabrics. You can learn which screen material to choose with your Stewart Filmscreen. This video helps you select the proper screen fabric.

  • Over 30% brighter than matte-white screen surfaces
  • Industry's standard reference screen material
  • Endorsed by JKP (Joe Kane Productions)
  • Certified by THX®
  • Certified by ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)
  • Re-formulated for use with all types of projectors, including 1080p
  • Extremely smooth and flat surface for enhanced focusing capabilities
  • Superior performance in environments where ambient light can be controlled
  • Superb color and white field uniformity
  • Washable (see proper cleaning instructions)
  • Flame retardant
Material Type Flexible Front Projection Material
Gain 1.3
Half Gain 80 degrees
Perforations Microperf X² (optional)
Minimum Throw Distance 1.3 x image width
Ambient Light Rejection Value17%
Ambient Light ResistanceN/A
Edge Blending Properties Moderate
Passive 3-D UseNo
Lay Flat QualityExcellent
Flame ResistanceYes
Opaque Backingn/a
Maximum Size8'6"(H) x 120'(W)
Screen ModelsFixed, Retractable, and Variable-Masking systems