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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Top Ten Home Theater Accessories presents the top ten home theater add on's which are great additions to existing theaters that have the right equipment but are missing the movie theater elements.

1. Home Theater Seating: Replace old furniture to make your theater look more like cinema.

2. Popcorn Machines: Smell and taste of popcorn is an inexpensive option to add sizzle to any theater.

3. Posters and Frames: Authentic movie posters in changeable frames are a great way to add the theater elements to the home theater.

4. Reels and Reel Clocks: A simple clock reel adds to the theater. Reel tables are a great way to show off real movie reels with glass tops by Goldberg Brothers.

5. Acoustic Panels: Drastically improve appearance and sound quality at one time with acoustic panels.

6. Signs and Marquees: Distinguish the entrance to your theater with chase lights.

7. Velour Ropes and Posts: Low cost add on to add some class to your home theater.

8. Velour Drapes: Great way to trim out screen and make it look more like a real theater.

9. Personalized Items: DVD intro's to personalized signs putting your name on your theater is a great way to bring it home. Make it your own theater with engraved personal items.

10. Lighting, Wall Sconces and Stars: Adding star ceilings and other lighting helps set the right mood in the theater. You can add a complete star ceiling using fiber optic tiles. It looks like a far away galaxy in your theater room.