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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Anderson Theater

Description: This theater was built on a tight budget. The speakers were bought from JBL off Ebay (JBL HT in-wall speakers) and they sound fantastic! The Onkyo subwoofer is one I have had for several years and it rocks the house! The 5.1 JVC RX-9000V receiver gives the inputs, power and flexibility to allow the selection of satellite, HD Antenna, Cable and DVD seamlessly. DVDs run from two players: the Toshiba SD-2109 (for the open video) and the Panasonic DMR-E85H recorder/player for the movie. The Open video runs through the Panasonic to create a seamless look from one video to the other. The projector is an Infocus IN72 and although it is not HD, High Definition looks unbelievably sharp. The screen is a power tensioned 106" Elite that I bought at a fraction of the cost of the Dalite. Power shades by Draper cover the windows behind the screen and at the side. The three theater chairs are leather Ashley power recliners and additional seating includes a leather sofa on one side and a chair with ottoman on the other. The wall behind the screen is painted black and the screen is flanked at the sides by black velour curtains and at the top by a maroon and gold decorative "theater like" valance. All equipment is in an adjacent room and controlled by the Harmony 890 RF remote. This remote also controls three tiers of Z-Wave lighting (front sconces, center and rear can lights). With the touch of a button, the screen and shades lower, the lighting dims, the "welcome" open starts and the movie begins. I will eventually replace the projector and DVD player with High Definition.

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