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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

The Szymanski Home Theatre

Description: The Szymanski Home Theatre, completed in 2005, is the focal point of my finished basement which also consists of bar, poker, billiard and exercise rooms. Theatre technical specifications include a Runco VX1000D projector, 106" Dalite screen, B&K 5.1 Dolby surround sound system with 7 SpeakerCraft in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, a VideoReQuest DVD Library Management system which uses 4 400 disk Sony DVD changers to automatically catalog and control my 1,600 DVD movies with everything (including lighting) controlled by a Crestron TPMC 10 flat panel screen. Seven Berkline auto recline chairs (each equipped with ButtKickers) coupled with 4 AK Rocker gaming chairs provide capacity to seat 11 which can be easily expanded to 14 with folding chairs. The movie playing in the theatre (or a completely different one) can also be displayed on one or all three of the other flat panel LCD TV's located in the other areas of the basement. With alot of help from HT Market, topping off the in home movie experience is a full concession stand equipped with theatre size candy, popcorn popper and butter dispenser. Throughout the basement I've prominently displayed movie memorabilia including 8 quick snap movie poster frames in which I rotate my 20 favorite movie posters, 8 Goldberg movie reels, 2 movie reel tables and a movie reel dvd holder. Add an XBOX 360 to the mix and we've got an entertainment center sure to keep my kids and their friends "hanging out" at home during their high school years. Mom and Dad and their friends seem to also be enjoying it as well!!!