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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Home Theater Seating Top Sellers Plus Al's Picks By Budget

January 17, 2018

What should I buy?

By Dan

Editor at

You are in the market for a Theater Seating. Besides your space requirements, the first in foremost thing should be to start with a budget in mind. How much can I afford? On this page, we will outline our top sellers by category and we will talk about Al's picks. Who's Al? Al is the President and founder of in the year 2000. Al started the sales of home theater seating online in the year 2001. He started selling Palliser Furniture and has since added other home theater seating products from HT Design his own brand that he developed. He knows home theater seating up and down. I sat down with Al to get his picks by budget and we ran the numbers on our top sellers of all time in the home theater seating category. We have two distinct categories of home theater seating. The category is divided into two parts, Quick Ship home theater seating and Custom Home Theater Seating.

You should identify your per seat budget or total budget divided by number of seats.

Quick Ship Theater Seating:

The quick ship seating starts about $659 per seat and runs up to $1429 per seat so if your on a budget you may want to look in this section first. This category has limited selection of HTDesign in stock colors usually black and brown leather. You can choose between manual and power recline. A new line called HTDesign has many included features like power recline, LED lighting, top grain leather, tray tables and in arm storage. The seats are of high quality and at a very good price. The next benefit is the seats usually ship quickly. You can get your seats fast.

Top Picks:

HTDesign Southampton Home Theater Seating

HTDesign Hamilton Home Theater Seating

HTDesign Warwick Theater Seating

HTDesign Somerset Theater Seating

HTDesign Brown Southampton Home Theater Seating

HTDesign Pembroke Home Theater Seating

Alís Pick:

Al says itís a split decision. For styling and softness, he likes the Hamilton with it's bucket seat, power recline, LED lights, in arm storage, tray tables and cool headrest. For narrow footprint he likes the Warwick with top grain leather with the storage and trays and LED controls. A new seat he also likes is the Pembroke this has the added convenience of a power headrest.

Custom Order Seating:

The price variation on this could range from about $1125 per seat up to $2525 per seat in this category. You pick the fabric, leather and configuration. You can choose options like power recline, power headrest, buttkickers, bass shakers, lighted cup holders and lighted bases. Al also has another option now called HT Design that he can order for about a 8 week turnaround in microfiber and other color leathers that are not stocked usually at lower price points than Palliser.

Top Sellers:

Palliser Elite for simplicity in design and convenience features like storage and trays. It also has a high back.

Palliser Flicks Home Theater Seating with Power Headrest, Power Recline and sleek styling.

Palliser Virtue Home Theater Seating with Power Recline, Power Headrest and Lumbar.

Alís Picks: Al likes the Palliser Virtue for comfort with new power headrest and lumbar, extra wide seats, and LED lighting out of the box.

He says this ďHome Theater seating is about personal taste matching your personality to the seat and your body frame to the right seat. You can tell a lot about a person by what seat they buy.Ē

I think he means you can tell what size they are and what kind of personality they have. It's really a personal choice based on budget and taste. The custom seating is especially personal as you can select up to 100 different colors and styles. We can help you select the right seat based on your personal choices.