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Atlantic Technology IW-28SUB In-Wall Subwoofer System

Item #: IW-28SUB
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The IW-28 SUB is an in-wall subwoofer that uses dual 8" woofers to deliver rich, vibrant bass to custom-installed audio systems.

As can be expected, the IW-28 SUB can be used as the speaker portion of a separately-powered LFE subwoofer in a true 5.1 / 7.1 system. When used this way, the convenient front-panel switch for the SUB's crossover would be set to 'off,' and the jumpers connecting the two sets of input terminals are left in place. An RCA cable goes from the receiver's Sub Out jack into a monoblock amplifier (such as Atlantic's SA-200), and then from the monoblock amp into the 28 SUB. All low-pass/high-pass crossover functions are then handled by the receiver's bass management system, as when using any powered subwoofer.

However, the 28 SUB has two sets of input terminals (one set for each 8" driver) and an on-board passive low-pass crossover so that it can be driven directly off the front left/right speaker outputs of the system's receiver--without the need for a separate amplifier. When used this way, the jumpers would be removed and the receiver's L/R outputs simply connect to the individual terminals of each of the 28 SUB's woofers. The 28 SUB's on-board low-pass crossover--switched 'on'--ensures that the sub receives only the lower bass frequencies.

SA-200 Mono-Block amplifier

The SA-200 Mono-Block amplifier delivers a prodigious 200 watts RMS to the IW-28SUB. It is equalized to provide in room bass response that achieves a remarkable -3dBat 35Hz without a back box. The SA-200 also features a signal sensing auto on/off or a 12 volt trigger, easy access Phase control, RCA Thru jack for daisy chaining additional amplifiers.


  • Dual heavy-duty long-throw 8-inch woofers
  • Thin Bezel & Magnetic Grille design disappears into the wall
  • Solid, resonance-free MDF baffle
  • Built-in, defeatable low-pass filter
  • Easy to install in new and existing construction
Several design features distinguish 28 SUB's amazing performance--its powerful, long-throw woofers, its solid 1"-thick (!) resonant-free MDF baffle, and its audiophile-grade crossover.

This is one serious subwoofer. The SA-200 monoblock amplifier is the perfect companion to the 28 SUB. With 200 watts of rock-solid RMS power, a massive toroidal transformer, 12-volt trigger turn-on, and 3-position equalization switch, the SA-200 has all the right moves to make the 28 SUB perform at its best.

Our thin bezel design and magnetically attached grille provides a sophisticated and refined look to blend into the wall. Whether it's new construction or retro-fitted into a finished room, the IW-28SUB is one of the most flexible, easy to install, in-wall subwoofers on the market today.