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Kinetic Control Isolator

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Maximize Your Buttkicker Performance Mounting your Buttkicker under a sofa or chair? For an amazingly tight performance, we recommend using Kinetic Noise Control Isolators under each furniture leg. These one-piece molded neoprene mounts with encapsulated metal inserts keep sound effects and vibration isolated to the sofa or chair, eliminating irritating vibration from other things in the room. It's the same technology used in submarines to isolate machine noise from the outer shell. Each unit sold individually.

All isolators are designed to be partially compressed in application and therefore, different models are made with varying weight specifications. Calculate the total weight to be carried by the isolator, including platform, chairs, and people. Divide this weight by the total number of isolator feet to be used (i.e. a minimum of 3, a usual number of 4, more when necessary). This will give you the weight per isolator. Pick the isolator model closest to your calculated weight. Enjoy!