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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

Home Theater Man Cave

What is a "Man Cave"? has been in existence since July 2000 before home theater was in even a buzz word or a reality for most people. Recently, many men and women have been calling about putting together home theaters and many are now using the phrase man cave. We have had several wives call and say I need some ideas for gifts for the man cave. What is a man cave? In general this a designated area of the house usually the basement, garage, attic, or some other room that has been set aside for the "Man" in the family to decorate and to be free of all responsibilities that are either household or work in nature. Many men now choose home theaters for their man caves. They also may add if large enough poker tables and games. They most frequently add a bar area to provide refreshments allowing them to sequester themselves in the room without going to the kitchen. If they go to the kitchen they risk getting pulled a different direction and could be intercepted by their wife or kids. The man cave is a humourous term harkening back to cave man times when men were free to roam the earth with a big mallet and whack their food into submission to retire back to their cave and devour it with no napkins. Things have changed slightly from those days however the basic premise of having a cave to do what we want in is very appealing to most males. So for all the Men and women. says this, for men you deserve your own cave! For women allow the man to have his cave! The cave makes him happier and he will even invite you into the cave to watch movies once in a while. Let the cave function as the designer intended, if he wants to watch Borat or the Great Escape for the 10th time let him. Don't force feed him with movies like Dan in Real Life, Ghost or Affair to Remmber. The Man Cave is sacred. Long live the Man Cave. If you're in need of overstuffed theater seating look no further we have all man cave furniture you might need.