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Get Social with HTmarket Items and Earn Rewards

We have a new program called Social Rewards. All you have to do is get social with home theater related products or HT Design seating you purchased from You can earn points based on the following criteria below. It should be a fun project that earns you points that will equate to rewards on Earn Up to 5050 points total, about 150 dollars if used for gift certificates.

Step One: Create Video with Phone

Create a short one minute video describing your seating and/or other home theater products you are using. Basically a short video reviewing the item and your experience with HTmarket. Limit one video per customer.

Step Two: Upload Video

Upload your video to Facebook or You Tube. Preferably upload video to You Tube first, if you don't have a You Tube account upload to Facebook instead or upload to both. It's easier to share You Tube videos across social platforms. You earn 850 reward points for uploading your video. If you send your video to us we will post on our you tube channel and Facebook page as well.

Step Three: Sharing for Reward Points

Share your video on different social media Facebook home theater groups. You may have to join groups to post or share, very easy to do (you can always leave group in future). The groups are listed below and help other members build theater rooms, for every group you share your video on we will earn 400 reward points. Up to 2400 points earned with 6 groups shown below.

Step Four: Bonus Sharing for Reward Points

Earn 450 points each for sharing to Instagram, Twitter, HT Design Theater Seating Thread and Pinterest. Total 1800 points to earn.

Step Five Claim Your Points

You can earn 5050 points for competing all steps, that equates to 150 dollars of gift certificates. Add to points you already accumulated. Email with proof of sharing, you can also tag us in the posts. We will than manually upload the points to your Rewards Account, just tell us your email address that your account is registered under. You can than redeem your rewards for products on It's that simple. If you don't have an account sign up for one just click HT Rewards on top.

Facebook Home Theater Groups

Listed below are the top six home theater facebook groups by member total.

Home Theater Enthusiasts Facebook Group Large group of Home theaters Group

Home Theaters Group Large group interested in building HT or have an HT

Home Theaters On Your Budget Group Home Theater Enthusiasts on a budget.

Home Theater Lunatics Group Not Literally Lunatics but you Get The Idea.

Budget Friendly Home Theater Group HT Folks on a Budget.

Home Theater Fanatics Group Power Users of HT.

Other Smaller Groups

Some other related groups for your information.

Show Me Your Home Theater Group Showing off Home Theaters.

High End Home Theater Group Showing off High End Home Theaters.

4k & 8K Home Cinema Group Worldwide Group.

Home Cinema Design Group Worldwide Group.

HTmarket Social Media Accounts Facebook Page Official HT Market Facebook Account.

HT Design Theater Seating Thread 130 plus pages long Official HT Design Page. Twitter Page HTmarket Twitter Posts. Instagram Page HTmarket Instagram Posts. Pinterest Page HTmarket Pinterest Posts.