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Why Buy HT Design Home Theater Seating?

HT Design HOME THEATER SEATING IN STOCK, No waiting months for your order

HT Design is a premium high end home theater seating line. HT Design has been producing and selling seats since 2012, many of our seating styles are in dedicated theater and media rooms. You should expect years of enjoyment from your seats.

We build our seats better than other brands with name brand parts including the following listed below.
  • HT Design is a consistent high quality seating line, we don't change our parts from one shipment to another, we keep the same high end specification on every chair from shipment to shipment. We are consistently rated the top home theater seating line over a 12 year history.
  • HT Design uses Leggett and Platt Recline Mechanisms (gold standard recline mechanism, very quiet and made for longevity)
  • We use Okin Motors German Engineered, top of the line and nearly silent. We use this in recline, and headrest.
  • We use top grain leather 12000 grade, we never change our leather standard. Request a Free Swatch
  • Many companies won't provide samples, we do as we have the best top grain leather by comparison.
  • We use 1.8 high density foam in our seat which will hold up over time.
  • We use quality pocketed seating coils for long lasting comfort.
  • We use Patented Raffel branded cupholders all control functions on top of cupholder, better ergonomics and control placement. The wiring underneath is neat and tidy, using top quality cables and parts. We include USB charging on all our powered seats as a standard.
  • Most styles include power recline, one style power recline with manual adjust headrest, six styles power recline and power headrest, four styles power recline, power headrest, and power lumbar. HT Design power lumbar uses a balloon being filled with air so that will be softer on your back, mechanical lumbar is used by some other brands has a bar in your back which can be uncomfortable and rigid.
  • Quick Ship within 24 hours of ordering, we stock most styles in black leather and some in brown leather, special order available in other colors and fabrics..
  • We stock one style Addison in red, and black microfiber.
  • We stock another seat Lincolnshire in bone leather.
  • HT Design has a variety of styles to choose from hitting different design tastes, price points and budgets. We have the right style for every body type and budget.
  • HT Design is enjoyed in many dedicated theater rooms and media rooms alike HT Design Customer Photo Gallery
  • All seat styles except one include tray tables in the box, no waiting on extra parts. Tray tables are standard.
  • All seat styles have in arm storage compartment and grommets for tray table and optional accessories.
  • Most styles have led lighting in cupholder and base in blue with on/off functionality for base and cupholder.
  • Four styles Clark, Sheridan, Waveland and Waveland XL have 7 color led lighting with three way dimmer and off/button for cupholder and base
  • Four styles Clark, Sheridan, Waveland and Waveland XL have a memory button on the cupholder saving you favorite recline position and headrest position
  • We have a variety of styles to appeal to different body types and room situations, four styles are spacesavers, narrower footprint for smaller rooms
  • HT Design has in stock curved configurations on many styles.
  • All styles can be configured into with sofas and loveseats, and multiple configurations in stock.
  • Optional accessories include headrest pillow, wine holder, tablet/phone holder, throw blanket, portable armrest
  • All seats ship one per box, easy set up and doorway access
  • HT Design has never discontinued any styles, so if customers want to change or add to configurations later we can accommodate. We don't change designs, specifications and parts from shipment to shipment.
  • Five Star Reviews by past customers, see sample below.
  • The HT Design Theater seating is renowned and highly rated by the home theater experts over at the AVS Forum, learn more about HT Design from the experts by clicking through to the HT Design Theater Seating Thread at AVS Forum You will find photos and feedback from many AVS Forum Members.
  • One year warranty, optional 5 year warranty for purchase

HT Design Quick Ship home theater seats are a premium product, higher end than other brands based on our story above. We don't cut corners on building our seats and we use the best parts in all our styles. Our starting price points are usually slightly higher but will exceed customer expectations for quality and longevity. With HT Design seats your lifetime value of your purchase will be lower over the long run. You should expect years of enjoyment.

We have the most experienced people in the HT seating business as well. The Owner Alan has been involved in home theater since the mid 1990's. He started HTmarket in year 2000, and began selling seating on the site in 2001. Tom who runs our Sales and Customer Department has been with HTmarket for 13 years and is very experienced. Karen is an expert in interior design has been on our team for 20 years. Call our toll free so we can help you fit in the right seat, 888-764-9273.

Sample Google Reviews, Average is 4.8 out of 5

Here is a sampling of some of our customer comments taken from Google User Reviews:

  • Google User: Joe Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: After demoing home theater seating at a local place and then experiencing sticker shock, I did some searching and learned about HTMarket and their stellar reputation in the home theater enthusiast community. I emailed them and they were quick to recommend a seating solution similar to what I had found, and I was able to purchase 7 seats for the cost of 4 of the other brand. Our Clark chairs have all the bells and whistles you could want: power recline, power headrest, power lumbar, LED cupholders and base, and memory controls for the power features. The lumbar support was a big one. I wasn't sure about putting them together myself so opted for the white glove delivery. They brought them in and set them up quickly and honestly I felt a little foolish for not doing it myself, but they did such a good job and did the heavy lifting I didn't mind the nominal cost for the service. The seating is every bit as comfortable as what we had sat in locally and everything works great. I have already been recommending them to everyone who sees and comments on them. I also appreciate how responsive and helpful they were in the buying process and during the time waiting for the seats to be shipped.
  • Google User: Christy Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: We ordered 5 Hamilton seats that arrived yesterday. They look amazing and the quality is top notch. The one thing I would note is that these are not the original chairs we ordered- those were on backorder. However, our customer service person, Tom, took very good care of us and went what I felt was above and beyond to make sure we were taken of. I do appreciate that with this company you speak to a real person from the company and not a random outsourced cs team that hasn't a clue (like amazon). The chairs themselves are on the firm side and very supportive. The motor is quiet and the range of motion is impressive. I can either watch a movie or have dental work done. lol. The buttons are super responsive and we love the arm storage in each chair. They definitely feel very high quality and should last many many years. The pros were customer service, quality product and competitive pricing.
  • Google User: Chad Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Alan and Tom of were great to work with. They know their products inside and out and are capable of delivering helpful and accurate advice. I was very nervous about buying furniture online so I took the time to drive to htmarket showroom. Everything was just like I hoped. I ended up buying 4 Clark chairs and have had them for a while and really think they are comfortable great looking. Communication was always on point and delivery and set up went just as well and easy as they said it would. I have no problem recommending htmarket furniture to anybody. I found the youtube videos especially helpful in deciding on what model to select..
  • Google User: Scott Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Custom ordered 8 Sheffields in brown leather. Overall very pleased. Like a lot of people, I didn't have the opportunity to try them (or any other HT seats) in person prior to purchasing, but have zero regrets. A few of the boxes looked like they had been attacked by a grizzly bear when they arrived, but the contents were unscathed. The leather is soft and supple and has a high quality feel to it. The brown color is absolutely gorgeous. The cushions are medium firmness, supportive and very comfortable. Even for a space saver seat, the sitting area is plenty wide. The length of the chair works well for my 6'1" frame, but may feel a little short to anyone much taller. The motor mechanism is quiet, smooth and feels solid. Again overall I'm very satisfied with both the form and function of these seats. Optimistic they will provide much enjoyment for our family for years to come!
  • Google User: Erik Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Great Customer Service & Incredible Chairs Worth Every Penny I purchased three Sheffield chairs back in April and have had them for about a month now. I must say these seats are not only very comfortable to sit in but perform exactly as advertised. The top grain leather is soft and relatively smooth to the touch. The seat cushions and backrests are not too firm or too soft but provide just the right level of support for me and my family. Controls are easy to understand and access. The LED blue lighting around the cup holders and along the base of the seats really adds to their “WOW” factor. All LED lighting can be controlled on and off at the cup holder. The height and layout of the armrests were quite comfortable even when fully reclined with just the right amount of padding for my arms. My seats came standard with free tray tables and cup holder inserts. The storage compartments were very deep and easily accessible. Plenty of space to store all your handheld accessories including the tray tables. Since I ordered my chairs in the curved configuration they arrived with two wedged armrests which came with both larger storage compartments and more elbow room. The included tray tables were very sturdy and easy to install. Each tray table is capable of rotating 360 degrees from it's pivot point without any obstruction from neither the cup holder nor the armrest itself. Rotation of each tray table was silent, smooth and almost effortless. The only unavoidable conflict I found with the tables was when they obstructed the access to the cup holder during use. This resulted in either placing my drink on the table or using the adjacent cup holder on the other armrest. When reclining the motion of the seats were very smooth, fairly prompt and reasonably quiet. I experienced no squeaks or any disturbing sounds while either ope or shifting in the chairs. The power headrests were one of the main deciding factors that lead me to this particular model of chair and I have to admit it was definitely a smart move on my part. I really can’t imagine not having them as a feature based on my own prior experience. The chairs don’t include lumbar support, however I found the backrests provided plenty of support along my entire back whether I was sitting upright or fully reclined. Also when fully reclined I noticed hardly any gaps between the seats and lower backrests. This was a major concern for me as I wanted to make sure I did not improperly sink into the chairs while reclining. I’m very thrilled to acknowledge this concern has not been an issue at all with these particular chairs. Overall, I felt very well supported and comfortable in these chairs even after four to six straight hours of use in one sitting. Highly recommended!!!!
  • Google User: Josh J. Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I purchased a single Sheffield seat in December and it has been perfect! Great size for me (5' 10", 180lbs) and very comfortable. The chair still looks brand new after a couple months of use. So glad I went with this company and this seat in particular. Will buy more from them in the future!
  • Google User: Alphonzo Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: HT Market is an awesome company with great customer service. Their Hamilton Seats are a real treat. I've lurked on quite a few forums and after a year or so contemplating, I pulled the trigger on 7 Chairs.. (3 Curved Front row, and 4 Curved Back Row).
    After the few shipping issues (With the carrier) Tom was very responsive and helpful with the situation. After I received all of the product, I was in Movie Bliss. I mean these seats are soooooo comfortable. This is the first time I ordered furniture without trying it. But the reputation is so great on the forums, that I had to take a step out on faith. The Hamilton Seats are awesome. Soft, but not too soft, and very roomy. We have thick people in the family with thick Hips, but these chairs have plenty of space.
    The features are great also for the money. Since sooo much is included for the price, it's almost a No Brainer. Some family members auditioned and now they want pairs or sets.
    I'm going to post in the forums also to help others as they have helped me. But do not hesitate to purchase from them. I've sat in Palliser seats and others in Brick and Mortar stores, and the VALUE JUST ISN'T THERE especially from what I've experienced with these seats.
    Great Job HT Market... Awesome Product. Hope this help like you guys helped me.
  • Google User: Justin Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I ordered two Hamilton home theater recliners, and they were at my home in just a few days. Very easy setup and great features, but most importantly they look to be very well-built and have very nice leather. One cupholder insert was missing, and they responded to an email request immediately and agreed to send me an extra. Great seats, great price, and great customer service. A+.

  • Google User: Christoph Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Very happy with our theatre seats purchase from HTmarket! I flew out to Chicago to check out their demo room, and decided to purchase 2 rows of 4 - Sheffield seats. 5 Stars communication, 5 Stars quality, awesome specials included, very friendly staff, very patient, recommend working with Sales Manager Tom Conroy, very quick in answering any questions via e-mail & phone, rewards program a plus, smooth delivery, overall very pleased with our purchase. Will definitely do business again!!
  • Google User: Lori Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: We ordered 4 Somerset brown leather theater seats from HT Market for our new home's bonus room...and we couldn't be happier! We did a lot of homework online looking for a certain quality and functionality that we wanted AND at a fair price. HT Market fit the bill! It's always scary ordering such a big purchase online (sight unseen); however, the chairs arrived in perfect condition and were surprisingly easy to assemble. We ordered them to be set up like two love-seats to lessen the footprint and provide snuggle capability (lol). The chairs are super comfy and attractive. Thanks HT Market!
  • Google User: Larry Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: These are the best folks to buy theater seats from on the Internet. The seat they make are top quality and much better made for the price when compared to others. They communicate well and let you know exactly what to expect for shipping. Alan and Tom are the best in the industry as far as customer service and knowledge!
  • Google User: Heath Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: My experience with HT Market has been great. After a lot of research, we decided on 8 Pembroke seats. I actually arranged a visit a year ago when I was in the area and met with Tom to see them in person. Tom was very helpful. It then took over a year to get our theater designed and built. Tom answered all my questions promptly along the way. When the builder made a mistake that set us back several weeks, Tom offered to hold onto the seats for us until we were ready! It really helped us out as I didn’t have much space to store 8 seats. My family loves the seats! My daughter and I recently went to our local theater to see a movie and she commented that our seats are more comfortable than their loungers. I have to agree. The quality is much better than what I found at most of our local furniture stores. The price was great also. Overall I’m very pleased with our purchase and the support Tom gave me. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to invest in some quality home theater seating.
  • Google User: Larry Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: HTMarket Warwick seats are awesome!
    After extensive online research, I ordered the Warwick seats from HTMarket. They arrived within a week as promised and totally exceeded my expectations. They were very well packaged and easy to assemble. Right away I was impressed with the high quality of the leather and the interior mechanicals. The very first time I sat in one, I knew I had made the right decision! Incredibly plush and comfortable.
    I give the Warwick seats and the HTMarket company my absolute highest recommendation. The sales and delivery pipeline are flawless. Making a furniture purchase of this scale sight unseen is not for the faint-hearted. I advise anyone considering a purchase to measure your seating area numerous times to make sure everything will fit as intended. Watching movies in these seats is incredibly enjoyable and worth the money, but what I did not anticipate was seeing the people’s first reaction being blown away seeing the seating with all the LED lighting turned on, has turned out to be priceless!
  • Google User: Dragster Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Ordered a row of 3 Warwick seats and they have exceeded expectations! They were packaged well , arrived in pristine condition and were very easy to setup. Seats are well built and very comfortable. Highly recommended!.
  • Google User: Matt Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Purchased the row of four Southampton with loveseat, and am absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the purchase. The chairs came faster than I expected (shipped the day after I ordered and arrived in 4-5 days) and were a breeze to assemble. Very high quality with quiet motors and soft leather. Incredibly comfortable and look great - really strike the balance - and I love that they came with all of the “upgrades” included, including free tray tables, USB ports, lighting, etc. I was a bit hesitant to buy furniture online, but couldn’t be happier with every aspect of the process!.
  • Google User: James Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: We are very happy with our Devonshire theatre seats. They arrived very promptly, were very easy to set up, and are very sturdy with high quality leather. Accessories are terrific too! I would highly recommend..
  • Google User: Eric Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: t's been about 2 weeks since I've received my 4 chairs and I couldn't be happier with the product or process. I did quite a bit of research online and read through dozens of forum pages and ended up going with HT Design Hamilton chairs sight unseen. I spoke with Tom on the phone who was able to answer all of my questions and give me a great deal. Shipping was pretty quick and painless and the chairs arrived in perfect shape. They are extremely comfortable, well built and look great. I would absolutely recommend them for your home theater needs.
  • Google User: Eric Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I ordered 2 Belmont recliners from HT Markets and I couldn't be more happy with them. Their website is easy to navigate, and the ordering process was easy. I received my chairs in a timely fashion, and was very pleased with the delivery driver's assistance in getting the boxed into my garage. I had a few questions about the chairs, so I reached out to customer service via telephone. Tom at HT Markets was extremely helpful and courteous. My wife and I love our Belmont recliners! I'll be ordering a matching love seat in the near future!
  • Google User: Sheila Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I’m so glad we chose the HT Market Sheffield theater seats. They are well built and very comfortable. We ordered four seats in a unique combination of two sets of two. The sales people were really great to work with. These chairs are so comfortable, we have morning coffee in there too. I like the way they recline, first the footrest lifts up so you can stop while you are still able to sit up. The headrest on the Sheffield model is powered so you can bring it forward, even when the seats are not fully reclined.
  • Google User: Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I had a concern about tracking my shipment, I contacted HTmarket customer service an within 24hrs I had all the information I needed to track my shipment from St. Albert, AB Canada to Jacksonville, Arkansas. HTmarket has an outstanding customer service department!
  • Google User: Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Absolutely outstanding experience with! Prior to the sale, they responded quickly and accurately to questions about the product. During the sale, they kept me updated on availability and expected delivery. Their prices were competitive and the policy on returns was reasonable and fair. The product was delivered timely and in 5 Stars condition. Very satisfactory experience, and I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
  • Google User: Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Buying seats site unseen is a little unnerving. I have been looking for media room seats for a while. I was about to order from another site when I came across HT Market via a forum. I went with the Pembroke 4 seat curved as it was the top seat they sell and somewhat reasonable per seat. I would have like more color options...but didn't want to order and wait.
    I placed my order on a Monday (Labor day), they shipped out Thursday and the seats were delivered the following Tuesday.
    The delivery wasn't by UPS but by a freight carrier. They delivered them on a pallet into my garage.
    Unboxing and setting up was fairly easy enough. The seats were bulky to move upstairs in pieces but manageable for my wife and me.
    Assembly was quick and the seats feel great. Happy with my purchase. The included (during a sale) 5 year warranty is a nice bonus with a purchase this large. Being black leather I'm not concerned about stains but more about rips and motors.

    All in all great experience.
  • Google User: Pete Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: We recently ordered the love seat configuration of the Southampton seats along with two additional Southampton chairs (to make a row of four with the love seat in the middle). We couldn't be more pleased. The quality of the chairs is extremely high and they're very comfortable. The electronic controls work flawlessly. The blue LED lighting is a fun accent - we saw reviews online that suggested they may be a tad too bright but we didn't find that to be the case. As good as the chairs are, the white glove delivery service was even better. The crew lifted all four seats up three flights of stairs to our loft and positioned them exactly where we wanted them. They tested all of the features and made sure we were happy before they left. All around a great buying and delivery experience. We're looking forward to enjoying the seats for many years to come!
  • Google User: Sydnie Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I ordered the new Addison Theatre seats. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. They do not have the blue lights all over which makes your home feel look ke a runway. This was important to me. They are very well made and the leather is buttery soft yet thick enough to hold up over time. Customer service has been very helpful as well.
  • Google User: Sam Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Ordered three straight Pembroke chairs in November. They arrived almost as fast as my amazon prime deliveries! Chairs are excellent - they are the center piece to my home theater. Leather feels great and the adjusting head rest was just what I was missing from my other reclining chairs.
    Any questions or concerns I had were promptly answered by Tom at HTmarket. I was so happy with the first three chairs I ordered three of the Belmont’s for my riser. Again, extremely fast delivery and chairs were in excellent condition. Love, love, love the Belmont’s! Slightly slimmer profile but still as comfortable as the Pembroke chairs.
    I don’t write many reviews unless I had a truly great experience. HTmarket joins the ranks of my local Dentist :)
  • Google User: Adam Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I could not recommend HT Market enough. I had 4 Hamilton chairs shipped up to Canada, they arrived faster than I expected, and with plenty of protection to survive the long trip. The price they offered for shipping such a long distance was even comparable to what I would pay for similar chairs locally, but the quality is much higher. Their sales department was in contact with me every step of the way, customer service was A+. If you are looking for home theater seating, these are the guys you want to deal with.

  • Google User: Henry Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: We recently purchased 8 HT Design Home theater seats online from the HTmarket and are extremely satisfied with both the product and service received. After lots of research and comparison, I initially placed an order on 8 brown Somerset seats based on the price, style and features. But they didn't have the seats in stock for quick ship. Tom from HTmarket was very helpful. Tom suggested the options of getting Somerset seats in black color or go with HTDesign Warwick seat in brown leather. Because right color is more important factor for us, we opted for Warwick seats. Tom promptly updated the order and have them shipped out the next business day as promised.
    When the seats arrived we set them up in our theater room in little time. They really looks elegant and sits very comfortable! We can't be happier with the purchase. The quality is much better than what we can found at most of local furniture stores. We also like the features of power recline, removable LED light and usb charger outlet by cup holder and stowaway tray. The price was great too. If you're looking for good quality home theater seats I highly recommend HTmarket as a place to buy. You are going to get the best value and service for your investment.

  • Google User: Kevin Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I purchased 8 Hamilton theater chairs from HT Market and couldn't be happier. They are really comfortable for the whole family. I found the company from online theater forums where their seats were highly recommended. The owner, Alan, answer all of my questions that I had and even took the time for a phone call. I am a tall guy and wanted to make sure these chairs would fit my entire family. I was very pleased with the delivery, the quality of the leather, the comfort, and the time Alan spent to make sure I bought the right chairs.
  • Google User: Doug Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I received my 7 Belmont chairs and few days ago and could not be more pleased. The power mechanisms are smooth operating and the power headrest is a real comfort enhancing feature. The full grain leather feels great and the vinyl match on the non-contact areas looks perfect. These chairs have a look and feel of chairs costing much more. Great value for the money.
    Tom was a great help in ordering and arranging delivery around a challenging construction schedule. I had to delay shipment a couple of times and he worked with me.
  • Google User: Gilbert Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: WOW! Talk about customer service! If you're thinking about ordering from HTmarket, DO IT! Even after the sale, they are there for you 100%. As far as the product goes, we ordered the Somerset Theatre seating and couldn't be happier! Its the most comfortable piece of furniture in our home and the leather smells amazing! Can't say enough good things about them!
  • Google User: Rick Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: Let me start by saying that I am so glad that I found HT Market.
    I had a pair of "theatre seats" that I had purchased site unseen from another online competitor a couple of years ago. They looked good but just were not comfortable. Based on that previous experience, I was somewhat reluctant to buy another set of four without first giving them a try, something that just wasn't possible. Instead, I spent a good amount of time reading online reviews including an extensive thread dating back several years on the AVS forum. HTmarket seemed to be well regarded by nearly all so I thought I'd give it a shot and ordered 4 of the Southampton seats. I'm really glad I did!
    The seats arrived in perfect condition in under week shipped to the West Coast. Assembly was very easy and accomplished with exactly zero tools. The leather is soft, supple and very attractive. Most importantly, these chairs are very comfortable. The motors are dead silent and extremely smooth. Never mind the fact that these chairs represent an excellent value proposition. That is to say, that these aren't good theatre seats for the money, they are just plain good furniture, period.
  • Google User: Marc Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I called HT Market to discuss my options for theater seating in a limited space. Tom answered and we walked through what I was looking which was power recline and headrest. He suggested the HT Design Belmont Home Theater Seating with Power Headrest which is a space saving design in a row of three. I also decided on the white glove delivery service since I was on a tight time table with my travel schedule. Tom provided constant updates on my order and made sure the delivery went off with out a hitch. The chairs arrived and the delivery service carried the chairs to the second floor media room, assembled and removed all packing material. They also went over the operation of the chairs and made sure I was 100% satisfied before leaving.
    I can 100% recommend that anyone looking for theater seating that you should be looking at HT Market. You will not be disappointed in the service and quality of the chairs.
  • Google User: Prince Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I purchased 6 leather Warwick chairs configured in a straight line for my "Man Cave" and I am very happy with these seats. I always receive compliments and get people inviting themselves over to my house to watch games. I also set up the surround sound with the PS4 Pro so my kids also enjoy the room as well and they also love these seats. I have had them for about 6 months now and no complaints I am very happy and would highly recommend to anyone who is look for a great bargain.
  • Google User: Mike Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: I did a lot of research both online and at some local furniture stores and found nothing to compare with these seats. The space saver was perfect for me and the space I had. I ordered 12 Warwick chairs and they arrived within a week. I had to wait till the weekend to put them up and couldn't be more pleased. They were in perfect condition and setup was a breeze. It takes longer to inbox than to set up. We are really enjoying these chairs and have many jealous friends. Thank you Tom for all your help!
  • Google User: Rating 5 Stars
  • Comments: In summary, HT Market appears to a nice storefront who also sells online and offers great customer service. Its almost more of a customer experience than just service because you feel like they take the process personal and help along the way as much as they reasonably can.
    My wife and I had been looking for theater seating for a couple months and had narrowed it down to 3 brands of seating. We also needed a more narrow profile chair than a lot of standard offerings due to our room being a little on the narrow side and my desire to get 4 wide seating. After I researched what was available in the market, these guys stood out to me. It was their online presence and helping people through their decison, purchase, delivery, and help with parts and install when the occasional issue arose. They gave a personal touch to the shopping experience that the other competitors couldn't or didn't.
    After a couple dozen email exchanges and a couple phone calls to clarify things, as well a lot of time reading online postings by the store owner where he went above and beyond to offer exceptional support to some other customers, our decision was made! These guys had just the seats for us, now to spend this kind of money on something I had not sat in or seem in person. Ultimately it was a leap of faith guided by Tom and Alan's support and input because where we leave it was nothing short of a 1000 mile trip to actually test out these kinds of chairs.
    We decided to go with their Belmont offerings which were a spacesaver design, with power recline, power headrest, all wrapped in real black leather everywhere the chair touches you. We purchased our seating just after thanksgiving, and wanted them by Christmas. Well, the salesman Tom communicated with me through the whole process on when the shipment would reach their store, and when it would leave and head to me. We knew from the start that it would be close because these chairs are popular and our order was still inbound from the manufacturing facility. The concern was not these guys, but could the delivery company schedule to ensure we would get the chairs before Christmas. Well, after getting the info from Tom for the delivery company, I made one call and it was agreed they would go the extra mile and put my seats in the garage, vs curbside. What a relief for a day it was to rain and I was at work. This saved an entire week off the delivery time and got them in before Christmas.
    It took a couple hours to get them all (7) unboxed and installed and they look great! Very comfortable and stylish seating and they fit our space VERY well. The power mechanism is very quiet and smooth and feels like a top quality item. The storage arms are very nice with little gas shocks to lift and hold them up.
    Even after the initial shipment, the seller hasn't forgotten about us because they were sending us a couple other accessories, and then I realized the cup holder liners were missing. They responded very promptly and shipped those pieces right out. I feel confident that IF I have a need or problem in the coming months with these chairs, that I will receive a prompt reply and resolution from HT Market.
    If I'm ever in the Chicago area I'll probably plan to stop by and say hello!