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Stewart Wallscreen 2.5 G2 2.35:1 with Harmony G2 Acoustically Transparent Woven Screen

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We take snap screens seriously -- we get the details correct. All frames are built using high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum and are hand finished with a rich, velvet Velux overlay. Our snap system is designed to perfectly align our 16K+ front or rear projection fabrics with the frame so installation is quick and easy. Image widths can vary depending on height, but all WallScreens can readily go to 19 feet 5 inches in image width.

A smaller border means a bigger image with WallScreen 2.5 Get the perfect amount of overscan with the WallScreen 2-1/2 inch frame. The screen fabric is held in perfect tension with an adjustable, snap attachment system. Velux covers all visible surfaces and the frame arrives meticulously protected. The bracketing is intuitive, and installation is fast and accurate.

HTmarket Expert Tip
The 2.35:1 screen ratio, also known as Cinemascope or "Scope," is the ratio commonly used for major motion pictures as shown in actual cinemas. With its ability to present broad, sweeping visuals and complex scenes, it's the ratio at which film directors intend their films to be viewed. Wider than the usual 16:9 widescreen ratio, 2.35:1 Cinemascope screens provide the ultimate experience for true lovers of cinema. Stewart also allows complete customization of size of screen to fit your room dimensions and viewing distance perfectly.

Standard Features:
  • 2-1/2" Aluminum extrusion square tube frame
  • 45-degree angled corners with slip joints for easy assembly
  • All new Harmony G2 acoustically transparent woven screen is now available
  • Snap fastening system attaches material to frame
  • VeLux™ appliqué finish
  • Hanging Bar mount

Screen Material  
Harmony G2
Designed for audio purists desiring the most realistic soundstage when viewing movies or concerts
Extraordinary acoustic transparency for accurate audio reproduction while also providing a stunning visual performance in 4K+ resolution - even at short focal lengths
Accurate and lifelike primary and secondary color reproduction
Performs superbly in controlled lighting environments and with virtually any seating arrangement
Gain: 0.7
Half Gain: 85 degrees

Diagonal Image Height Image Width
120" 47 ¼" 111"
125" 49" 115"
130" 51 ⅛" 120"
133" 52" 122 ¼"
138" 54" 127
140" 54 ⅞" 129"
144" 56 ⅝" 133
150" 58 ¾" 138"
153" 60" 141"
158" 62 ⅛" 146"
168" 66" 155"
176" 68 ⅞" 162"