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Atlantic Technology 50" Slim Profile Front Stage LCR Loudspeaker

Item #: at-fs5
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Atlantic Technology Flat Screen TV Speaker Mounting ShelfAtlantic Technology Flat Screen TV Speaker Mounting Shelf$119.99

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Our Flagship All-In-One. Same Great Theater Performance, Slimmer Profile.
Home theater sound has come a long way in the past 20 years. Back then, it was common to use full-sized speakers for the three front Left-Center-Right (LCR) channels. This is still an excellent choice for some rooms. However, for the decor-conscious or for secondary rooms, multi-speaker setups such as these are less desirable.

The Atlantic Technology FS5 Front Stage Loudspeaker was designed for just these applications.

The FS5 is a true, no-excuses high-fidelity loudspeaker system that contains all three front channel LCR speakers in a single enclosure. Its sleek, trim cabinet is sized and proportioned to look perfect when used with thin-panel LED/LCD TVs with screen sizes from 50 inches and up. The FS5 can be wall-mounted, placed on a shelf or used with Atlantic's special Shelf-2405, which provides a shelf attached directly to the flat screen TV itself.


  • 3 LCR speakers in one 50" long enclosure
  • Three independent M-T-M Arrays
  • Can be wall mounted or placed on a shelf
  • Beautiful piano gloss black finish
Reducing Diffraction to Ensure Maximum Intelligibility:

Sound waves emanate out from a woofer or tweeter the way that ripples in a pond emanate away from the spot where you tossed in the pebble. But if you put something in the water near that spot—like the leg of a pier—when those ripples hit the obstruction, they'll break up into many smaller waves and the smoothness of the original wave is gone.

That's exactly what happens when a speaker sends out its sound into a nearby obstruction—like the frame of a typical grille. The sound hits that frame—like water ripples hitting a post—and the sound breaks up, smearing the clarity of the original signal.

The drivers of the FS5 (and also our FS3, LCR2 and LCR3) are mounted in a dense resonant-free mounting plate that fits into a reciprocal cutout in the grille frame. The result is that the drivers "see" a smooth local acoustic environment, so none of their sound diffracts off the blunt inner surface of the grille frame, the way it does on a conventional speaker. Instead of multiple "ripples" interfering with each other, the FS5's sound is always clear and unfettered, for maximum clarity.


Front Stage LCR Loudspeaker
(2) 4 1/2" CPP per channel
(1) 3/4" silk dome
Frequency Response
80Hz – 20kHz ±3dB
Nominal Impedance
Crossover Frequency
Sensitivity/Peak Output
Recommended Amplifier Power/Amplifier
10 – 140 Watts RMS
Dimensions w/ grilles (W x H x D)
50"x 6 1/16 x 3" with grill
(1270 x 170 x 76mm)
Weight (ea)
18 lbs; 8.16kg