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Gold Medal Flossugar is made from a special sugar - not too fine, not too coarse. Colors have been "vividized" so that you get a bright color, but color concentrations do not exceed the limits set down by Food & Drug Administration's GMP Directives. Flossugar is packed in sealed 3.25 lb. milk cartons. Open the box and pour into the spinner head-no messy mixing or unsanitary sugar buckets. Inventory is easy, more accurate. Recommended for first time users.

Six 0.5 gallon milk cartons - 24 lbs. shipping weight per case on all flavors. Yields to 300 servings per case, 50 per carton. Shipping dimensions: 12"D x 10"W x 9"H. Individual quantities NOT available - only sold per case. Mixed flavors cases also NOT available.

Flavor List:
  • #3201 Boo-Blue (Blue Raspberry)
  • #3202 Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla)
  • #3203 Spookie Fruiti (Purple Grape)
  • #3204 Leapin' Lime
  • #3205 O-Jay (Orange)
  • #3206 Jolly Berry (Strawberry)
  • #3207 Cherry Berry
  • #3209 Pina Colada (Yellow)
  • #3208 Bubble Gum
  • #3212 Wacky Watermelon
  • #3218 Banana Bonanza (Bright Yellow)
  • #3220 Sassy Apple (Green Apple)
  • #3226 Sizzlin' Lemon-Sour *New sour flavor
  • #3227 Razzleberry-Sour *New sour flavor

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