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Palliser Leather, Fabric, and Wood Samples

Palliser furniture is available in a variety of cover options. Below you can find available samples of fabric(microfiber), Leather, and wood. The Fabric is broken down into different grades 1-3. The leathers are also broken down into different grades 1000-6000.

1000 Grade Leather

A perfect combination of durability and value, Palliser Leather 1000 is Corrected Top Grain Leather. Polished and embossed to ensure a spotless finish, the Leather 1000 series is a firm and great looking choice for family friendly and easily cleaned leather.

  • Valencia Snow
  • Valencia Lace
  • Valencia Dune
  • Valencia Alloy
  • Valencia Pewter
  • Valencia Biscotti
  • Valencia Cherry
  • Valencia Sapphire
  • Valencia Cafe
  • Valencia Ink

2000 Grade Leather

Palliser Leather 2000 is a gently buffed Semi-Corrected Leather, providing a flawless finish while still maintaining a soft, natural grain and texture. The Leather 2000 series is surface coated, making it astoundingly resistant to stains and blemishes.

  • Bali Silk
  • Bali Harvest
  • Bali Carob
  • Bali Marble
  • Bali Rainstorm
  • Bali Spider
  • Bali Currant
  • Bali Basil
  • Classic Buff
  • Classic Anthracite
  • Classic Ash
  • Classic Burgundy
  • Classic Sahara
  • Classic Mocha
  • Classic Sable
  • Classic Chamois
  • Classic Almond
  • Classic Pistachio
  • Classic Slate
  • Rein Caramel
  • Rein Gray
  • Rein Granite
  • Rein Bruin
  • Rein Basalt
  • Rein Parchment
  • Rein Eggshell
  • Rein Toast
  • Rein Twilight

3000 Grade Leather

Palliser Leather 3000 is Natural Grain Leather and therefore is uncorrected; as a result the leathers in this series are made with nothing less than the most pristine hides available. Pleasantly soft and remarkably durable, the Leather 3000 series' only fault is it's increased vulnerability to stains over its treated cousins. If you're looking for a soft, pristine looking finish for your home theater seating, Leather 3000 is the way to go. *Evoque, Parlour and Solana Leather Match is available at 2000 Match pricing even though their All Leather is at 3000 All Leather pricing.

  • Evoque Frost
  • Evoque Mist
  • Evoque Stone
  • Evoque Ardesia
  • Evoque Atlantic
  • Frolic Powder
  • Frolic Chiffon
  • Frolic Olive
  • Frolic Lagoon
  • Parlour Blush
  • Parlour Desert
  • Parlour Thunder
  • Parlour Rye
  • Parlour Texas
  • Solana Tusk
  • Solana Trail
  • Solana Phantom
  • Solana Africa
  • Solana Mountain
  • Solana Cocoa
  • Solana Dijon

4000 Grade Leather

Much like the 3000 series, Palliser Leather 4000 is Natural Grain Leather. Uncorrected and cut from the highest quality hides, Leather 4000 has an authentic leather texture and is exceptionally soft. Although it is available in fewer colors than its Leather 3000 counterpart, the 4000 grade offers a more natural look and feel that the lower grades can't match.

  • Appaloosa Mustard
  • Appaloosa Burnt Orange
  • Appaloosa Cinnamon
  • Appaloosa Denim
  • Appaloosa Slate
  • Amalfi Birch
  • Amalfi Forest
  • Amalfi Fudge
  • Amalfi Tuxedo

5000 Grade Leather

  • Saratoga Sundance
  • Saratoga Saddle
  • Saratoga Brunette
  • Saratoga Merlot
  • Saratoga Marlin
  • Saratoga Marsh
  • Saratoga Steele

Fabric Grade 1

Palliser Fabric Grade 1 covers a wide variety of different styles and colors of fabric. Made from microfiber, Fabric Grade 1 is readily cleanable and available in a varying range of textures and colors from soft suede to a firmer more textured like fabric.

  • Arezzo Gold
  • Arezzo French Blue
  • Arezzo Apple
  • Arezzo Steel
  • Arezzo Forest
  • Arezzo Navy
  • Basilica Creamery
  • Basilica Clambake
  • Basilica Blueberry
  • Bela Grey
  • Bela Ocean
  • Bela Rainforest
  • Bela Blaze
  • Bela Otter
  • Sanctuary Pearl
  • Sanctuary Hemp
  • Sanctuary Smoke
  • Sanctuary Sky
  • Torrey Cashmere
  • Torrey Soft Truffle
  • Torrey Evergreen
  • Torrey Cracked Pepper
  • Torrey Midnight Rain

Fabric Grade 2

A more intricate entry into the Palliser fabric library, Fabric Grade 2 contains many patterned and textured microfiber fabrics guaranteed to catch the eye.

  • Burleson Stucco
  • Burleson Fog
  • Burleson Shiitake
  • Burleson Meadow
  • Burleson Berry
  • Burleson Toffee
  • Burleson Lagoon
  • Charisma Snowdrift
  • Charisma Suede
  • Charisma Rosewood
  • Charisma Mink
  • Dreamy Creamy
  • Dreamy Granite
  • Dreamy Cocoa
  • Echosuede Charcoal
  • Echosuede Licorice
  • Echosuede Arctic
  • Hush Mushroom
  • Hush Grey
  • Pescara Dove
  • Pescara Pebble
  • Pescara Sunflower
  • Pescara French Blue
  • Pescara Steel
  • Pescara Avocado
  • Jaxon Wolf
  • Jaxon Shiitake
  • Jaxon Coal
  • Shatter Cream
  • Shatter Cashew
  • Shatter Putty
  • Shatter Smoke
  • Shatter Mist
  • Tanner Toffee
  • Tanner Nickel
  • Tanner Seal
  • Tanner Iron
  • Tanner Panther

Fabric Grade 3

  • Bravado Porcelain
  • Bravado Marble
  • Catrin Grecian Linen
  • Catrin Ashby
  • Catrin Peppercorn
  • Catrin Greenfield
  • Catrin Must Have Blue
  • Padova Natural

Fabric Grade 4

  • Panko Frost
  • Panko Latte
  • Panko Carbon
  • Panko Marine
  • Sheepskin White
  • Sheepskin Natural
  • Sheepskin Grey

Palliser Wood

  • Espresso Wood

Some Palliser Leathers and Fabrics have been discontinued, Click Here for a list of discontinued Palliser Leathers and Fabrics.