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Custom Motorized Drape Rods by BTX features BTX custom motorized drapery systems. These systems work the best to insure a successful installation of your theater drapery. We have tested inexpensive motorized systems and for the most part they fall short of expectations. Most cannot deal with heavy weight material used in theatrical drapery. The cheaper systems are designed to pull a very light weight material that does not have many pleats. Theatrical drapery that we sell on our site is very heavy weight and has many pleats. We have found that the BTX system is a better fit for theater applications. You can customize every part of drape rod including length, opening, type of motor and control. This allows for a dependable and easy installation that works and cuts down installation time. You won't ever have to cut one of our drape rods as it's ordered custom to the size you need.

Custom Theater Drape Motorization
Take home theater to the next level by motorizing your theater drapes with BTX custom tracks. recommends BTX tracks as they can handle heavy velour theatre drapes versus the cheaper imported tracks that we tested. We tested a popular imported model and found the motor to weak to move the drapes we sell.

BTX Tumo Excel Install over Stewart Filmscreen
Installing custom BTX motorized rods could not be easier. Our video shows a 1 hour installation sped up to about 3 minutes. It's a very easy process with very few parts. A competent do it yourselfer could handle the job easily. There is no fancy wiring needed by expensive electricians.