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BTX Classic Motorized Drapery Rod System

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BTX motorized drape systems set high quality standard for the most demanding applications including home theater curtains and stage drapes. The Classic line of automated drapery systems is a long-standing offering in the BTX program. The Classic system provides raw power and stability in the most demanding applications around the world. Classic systems are designed for architectural stability when heavier draperies or tighter curves are required. The Classic motor can be combined with a number of peripheral controls to add radio, network, or other custom control methods. The Classic drape kit works on AC motors that plug and play in a standard wall outlet with a 7-foot cord.

The Classic system at its core uses the 5060 track configuration. The standard system includes 160lb drapery motor that can handle 160lbs of drapes. You can choose to upgrade to tandem heavy duty motors that can handle up to 280lbs of drapes. quick ship and luxury curtains can be heavy. Please consult our product experts for the weight of the drapes you might purchase as this product is a custom ordered item. The Classic can handle any situation including large installations of stage drapes or a home installation for a theater.

Product Features
  • Built in receiver for RF, switch and/or network control
  • Disconnect to allow manual control in case of power outages
  • RF remote controls up to 6 channels
  • Dry contact closure
  • Quick installation no need for an electrician
  • The standard color is white and you can order custom colors at $10 per foot including Black, Anodized, Dark Bronze or Custom Powder Coat (call for quote).
  • You press the remote to stop the drapes at different intervals. For example, you could use the Classic system as a masking system to mask a projector screen from 2:35 to 1 to 16 x 9. This would serve as an elegant masking system.
  • Motor can hang below the track or be inverted to sit above the track
  • Motor speed is 6 in. per second
  • Track configurations include one-way, split draw, offset split, or multi-stack
  • Mechanical limits for manual adjustments and consistent stop location
  • Pinch Pleat carrier spacing is 3 in. standard. RippleFold and AccordiaFold carriers are available
  • RippleFold carriers are available in 80%, 100%, and 120% fullness. Graber snap tape.
  • Track is spliced after 16 ft. unless otherwise requested (all curved tracks are evaluated for splicing)
  • Minimum curve radius is 14 in.
  • Bracket spacing is 20 in. standard with 10 in. spacing at the stack ends

HTmarket Expert Tip
The BTX Classic motorized drape kit is a completely customized system for your needs. You should keep in mind when ordering the following. You can make the rod to fit your situation. i.e. you have a 136 inch curtain you can order a 136 inch motorized rod. In this case you would choose size 133 - 144 and enter in 136 inches in the width field. The next drop down shows control options. If you ordering 1 rod you would choose a control option either a remote which is wall mountable or wall switch or both. Most people only need the remote. You would choose no control option if you ordered multiple rods and you only wanted to use 1 remote control. The Classic comes with a 160 lb motor (can handle up to 36 feet of track) this should work for most situations unless you have really heavy drapes and one of the longer rods over 36 feet. Contact us if you have a large installation and we can recommend the motor. You would then choose either split draw or one way draw option. We do program and test everything before shipping so let us know how you would like the systems programmed. If you want a custom splice location, please let us know as well. If you need a curved track, we require a track layout diagram with running lengths and radius measurements (look in accessories section to add option). Full templates are preferred for precision fabrication. The last choice is the wall mount or ceiling mount. The ceiling mount is flush mount to ceiling and the wall mount comes with adjustable 4 to 6 inch wall brackets which should work for most situations.

Motor Features

  • Max. Width = 36 ft
  • Min. Curve Radius = 14
  • Max. Pulling Capacity = 160 lbs. at 12 ft.
  • Motor Speed = 6" per second
  • Power: 45 watts

Motor Features

  • Max. Width = 50 ft
  • Min. Curve Radius = 14
  • Max. Pulling Capacity = 280 lbs. at 30 ft.
  • Motor Speed = 6" per second
  • Power: 45 watts/tandem

BTX Classic Installation Instructions PDF