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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary
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We know home theater - 24th Anniversary

"The Shag Lounge"

Description: Turning my basement into the "Shag Lounge" was a 14 month labor of love. I had never attempted anything like this before and the entire project (excluding the home automation programming) was done by myself along with some "beer bribed" friends. I wanted a theater feel but the wife wanted to keep the room open for parties. A compromise was made and one half of the basement became the theater and the other half is the bar/karaoke area. Some accessories that give it the theater feel are three lighted poster marquees which I bought for $399.00 when Media Play went out business. Another steal I got for Media Play were a couple sets of velvet ropes and posts for $129 each. A popcorn machine as well as pictures from my favorite movies also add to the theater experience. It's the extra details which, I feel, give the "Shag Lounge" its wow factor. Things like a flat panel TV hidden behind a one-way mirror in back of the bar or the LCD that drops from the ceiling for karaoke or the fiber optic star ceiling that sets the mood for movie night. I could give you the specifics on "How big my screen is" or "How many watts my amplifiers are" but its not the most important thing. It's when at the end of the day when your watching a great movie with your friends and family in a theater you built yourself.