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Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Tiles

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Demo of the Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Tiles
Take your home theater to the next level with HT Star Ceiling Tiles, great addition. Shown in the video is the easy install tile where all fibers are bundled in panel and the light source, so they are pretty much install and plug and play. Easiest install tiles you can find.

Star Ceiling Tiles that surface mount and install easily over drywall ceilings whereas most other panels online are made for suspended ceilings you find in most office towers. Our tiles simply install over the drywall. Each tile has finished ends and corners that allow you to install the tile. At 2 inches total thickness 1 inch for tile and 1 inch for the backer you get a cool look to your theater.

Fiber Optic Star Tiles are the most versatile and simplest fiber optic starfield to install and they are virtually maintenance free. These are high quality acoustic fiberglass with Guilford fabric facing.

Surface Mount Panel 24 x 24 1 Thick Panels w/ 1 Backer (2 Total Thickness) - 18 Stars

Surface Mount 24 x 48 1 Thick Panels w/ 1 Backer (2 Total Thickness) - 30 Stars

Surface Mount 48 x 48 1 Thick Panels w/ 1 Backer (2 Total Thickness) - 45 Stars

Double The Stars of any Panel for $189

These innovative fiber optic Star Tiles install in just minutes eliminating the tedious and time consuming process of lay out, drilling, gluing, routing, and terminating each fiber optic line as well as the need for a cooling fan, access, and air ventilation. Multiple tiles can be fed from one plug-in low voltage power supply and draw only 1/4 watt per tile.
  • Allows you to install a starry ceiling without ever even seeing a single strand of fiber
  • 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4 tiles can be installed right over a drywall ceiling with included roto fasteners.
Here is some information you will find useful when installing:
  • Fiber Optic Star Tiles operate most efficiently at 6 volts DC. However, up to 12 volts DC can be used. The DC plug must be a standard 2.1mm pin type with the center pin positive. If you are supplying your own power supply, do not exceed 12 volts, the StarTile could be permanently damaged.
  • At 6VDC, the 2'x2' and 2'x4' tiles draw 40 milliamps (mA) each; the 4'x4' tiles draw 80 mA each.
  • Each Star Tile comes with a standard 2.1 mm power jack on a 5 foot cord. Multiple star tiles can be powered from a single power supply by using "Y" splitters.
  • We recommend not exceeding 80% of the power supply capacity. For example: a 6VDC, 700 mA power supply will safely power fourteen 2'x2' or 2'x4' star tiles, or seven 4'x4' star tiles,
  • For each added tile, we add one splitter. The splitters divide one input into two outputs making all the tiles wired in parallel. The input is a 2.1mm barrel jack and the output is two 2.1mm barrel plugs. To calculate the number of splitters, just subtract the number of power supplies from the number of tiles. Example: 14 tiles minus 2 power supplies equals 12 splitters.
  • 2'x2' and 2'x4' Star Tiles are manufactured with the intent of installing them in a standard grid ceiling or on flush mount on drywall. As such, their actual dimensions are 23-3/4"x23-3/4" and 23-3/4"x47-3/4" respectively.
  • 4'x4' and 4'x8' Star Tiles are manufactured with the intent of surface mounting directly on to a ceiling using fasteners. To accommodate the star light source mounted on the back of the tile, installation will require the use of half-inch furring strips mounted on the ceiling.
  • Star Tiles are virtually maintenance free and should last for many years. To clean, use a lint roller to remove dust, lint, and hair.

Unbox of the Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Tiles
Check out unbox of two 4 x 4 star tiles, customize your ceiling with star tiles. Made for easy installation.

HTmarket Expert Tip sells only the 2 inch thick panels that allow you to create great soundproofing between your home theater and the upper floor while adding a cool star ceiling to your theater. Many other panels you'll see skimp in thickness to cut the cost out of the panel. Most we have seen is under 1 inch thick. You can kill 2 birds with one stone by soundproofing your room and adding a great starry effect.