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Blackout Lined Curtains

Black out home theater curtains are a great way to block unwanted light from your theater. A dark theater is a better theater and projectors will put out a better picture with higher contrast in a darker viewing area. We can customize black out curtains depending on any size window. We can help you with customization of your home theater curtains. We now offer Superior and Luxury home theater black out drapes in 100% fullness.

Learn About Black Out Drapes
Watch and learn on how to measure and order black out drapes. talks about the lining used in home theater curtains and how black out curtains make your room perform better than most commercial cinemas.

Custom Theater Drape Automation
Take home theater to the next level by motorizing your theater drapes with BTX custom tracks. recommends BTX tracks as they can handle heavy velour theatre drapes versus the cheaper imported tracks that we tested.