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Palliser Catalina Home Theater Seating w/Power Recline, Power Headrest, & Lumbar

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Starting at: $1,463.00 per seat
Starting from:$1,463.00
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Starting from:$1,463.00

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The luxurious Palliser Catalina theater seating is the ultimate spot for enjoying your favorite media. Modern channeled detailing boasting 1.5" of memory foam in each channel will conform to your body and cradle every contour as you melt into your seat. Full pad-over chaise with extended footrest leaves no part of your leg unsupported, with a welcome bit of extra room for taller occupants. At the push of a button, power lumbar, headrest, and recline will smoothly move to your favorite viewing position, which can be saved and returned to over and over with the memory key function. All functions, including LED lighting in the cupholder with seven different color choices and three intensities, are conveniently controlled from the cupholder or via the iPall app. An integrated smart USB port keeps devices charged without draining unnecessary power from the chair’s battery. Extra storage can be found in the wide arms, with optional grommets to add on a table, tablet holder, wineglass holder, or flex light. With sleek contemporary styling and the best in modern functionality, the Catalina will soon become the most coveted seat in your home theater.


  • Back height 41"
  • Seat Width 23"
  • Space needed for recline 4"

Straight Row Dimensions Width

  • Row of 2 Straight 70"
  • Row of 2 Loveseat 62"
  • Row of 3 Straight 101"
  • Row of 3 Left Loveseat 93"
  • Row of 3 Right Loveseat 93"
  • Row of 3 Couch 85"
  • Row of 4 Straight 132"
  • Row of 4 Middle Loveseat 124"
  • Row of 4 Dual Loveseats 116"
  • Row of 4 Left Loveseat 124"
  • Row of 4 Right Loveseat 124"
  • Row of 4 Sofa 108"
  • Row of 5 Straight 163"
  • Row of 5 Center Sofa 131"
  • Row of 5 Dual Loveseats 147"
  • Row of 5 Left Loveseat 155"
  • Row of 5 Right Loveseat 155"
  • Row of 6 Straight 194"

Curved Row Dimensions Width

  • Row of 2 Curved 77"
  • Row of 3 Curved 116"
  • Row of 3 Left Loveseat 100"
  • Row of 3 Right Loveseat 100"
  • Row of 4 Curved 155"
  • Row of 4 Curved Middle Loveseat 140"
  • Row of 4 Curved Left Loveseat 140"
  • Row of 4 Curved Right Loveseat 140"
  • Row of 4 Curved Dual Loveseats 124"
  • Row of 5 Curved 194"
  • Row of 5 Curved Center Sofa 161"
  • Row of 5 Curved with Dual Loveseats 163"
  • Row of 6 Curved 233"


Clean and contemporary styling with extended footrest and 1.5" memory foam in seat and back. Power headrest, power lumbar, Smart USB charging, all operated on the metal look 8-button LED cupholder.

Product Design

Clean and contemporary design with a channeled back and seat for a unique design statement. 41" back height and extended footrest for taller occupants and customizable comfort
Featuring a full pad over chaise
Arms feature deep storage and this style is available with optional grommets for use with the tables and HTS accessories (flex light, wine glass holder, or table holder)

Technical Information

Features: power headrest, power lumbar, Smart USB charging, all operated on the metal look LED cupholder
Benefits: 41” back height, extended footrest for taller occupants and customizable comfort
Battery Information: Power source comes with battery backup operated by a 9-volt battery, gives two to three full cycles. Battery lasts up to 350 cycles depending on amount of use and USB charging.

Electronics Information

Smart USB does not draw a current when not in use, extending the life of your battery between recharges. 2.1 amps USB charging
Cupholder features 7 different light choice, 3 light intensities, Memory key, Home key


Back - webbing
Seat - metal seat box with sinuous springs

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